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Efficient Water Removal in Portsmouth Prevents Severe Damage

4/25/2023 (Permalink)

storm image outdoors Don't let storm damage take over your property, Call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Provides Portsmouth Homeowners Rapid Water Cleanup

A powerful storm can leave your Portsmouth home severely water-logged. With any storm comes the possibility of flood and mold damage. Water remediation services help clean up the water damage after a storm.

Calling a water removal company in Portsmouth to begin extraction is vital to protecting your home and belongings. It does not take long for wet drywall, flooring, carpets, and other materials to become irreparably damaged. A water remediation service provider that understands the essence of time when dealing with stormwater damage would best fit your home. SERVPRO crews have a 4-hour standard response time and broad experience with all water damage and can help quickly return your home to normalcy. We ensure a dry and sanitary environment for repairs to take place.

Resources facilitating rapid water cleanup:

  • Sufficient extraction power
  • Specialized extraction equipment – self-priming trash pumps
  • Powerful cleaning resources – rotating brushes
  • Reliable drying resources – LGR, desiccant dehumidifiers

Property Water Cleanup and Recovery

SERVPRO can rally the labor force and equipment rapidly, tackling any-sized storm damage. Our crews respond with well-organized and stocked vehicles with the right supplies, tools, and equipment for water restoration. No matter the amount of water in your home, we have equipment with adequate extraction capacity, such as large truck-mounted units which offer a powerful vacuum and are powered by the vehicle.  

More equipment for sufficient water removal include:

  • Pumps - examples include high-pressure pumps, self-priming trash pumps, and electric submersible pumps
  • Deep extraction tools which can be self-propelled or stationary
  • Portable extractors that operators move from room to room

SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham have friendly and skilled technicians fully equipped to provide efficient water removal and repair the damage after a storm. Call us at (603) 433-4300. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Facilitating Water Restoration in Portsmouth Properties

11/22/2022 (Permalink)

Water on wood Flooring Disaster may strike at any time. Call SERVPRO for the storm damage restoration services needed for your property.

Portsmouth Homes Overcome Water Damage with SERVPRO 

During a storm, a property is subjected to several forces that damage it through physical exertion or accumulation of moisture in the interior areas. Although all repair tasks are challenging, water restoration is particularly tasking since it involves several procedures to counter the smells, stains, and physical deterioration, among other issues. 

Crucial Restoration Procedures after Water Intrusion:

  • Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Teardown
  • Decontamination 

Water intrusion usually leaves properties soiled with debris, such as silt driven from outside the structure, or even biohazards like sewage if the storm causes a backup. Therefore, a significant part of Portsmouth water restoration is cleaning up sections of the property to remove waste. Our SERVPRO crews use various resources to facilitate cleaning - rotating brushes help clean hard floors, while extraction equipment is suitable for carpeted areas. We use regular detergents and disinfects like quaternary compounds and botanicals to deal with microorganisms that thrive in moist environments. 

Opening Up Enclosed Property Sections

Water damage is rarely confined to open and readily accessible areas. Moisture can wick through materials to reach subfloors, breach the ceiling, and run through wall cavities. Reaching these concealed areas is crucial to curtailing long-term deterioration. Our SERVPRO technicians use skillful approaches for convenient teardowns, thus opening the affected areas without causing too much damage. Having the right equipment also helps facilitate the process.

Helpful Resources for Controlled Demolition:

  • Drills to create vent or weep holes
  • Contractor bags for debris collection
  • Carpet razor knives 
  • Pry bars

Removing materials facilitates different restoration procedures. For instance, our SERVPRO technicians can drill small holes to release the water trapped inside walls or ceiling cavities. We can also make wider holes to facilitate warm, dry air ventilation into the enclosures to expedite drying. In other cases, removing large chunks of materials is essential. For carpeted floors, removing the carpet and pad before cleaning and drying the subfloor presents the best chance to limit contamination and odors. 

SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham have the best resources to facilitate water restoration. You can reach us at (603) 433-4300. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Factors Affecting Restoration of Your Hampton Home After Flood Damage

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

groundwater flooding buildings SERVPRO extracts floodwaters in Hampton homes--then restores through controlled demolition and drying.

Team SERVPRO Has Drying Out Your Home After a Storm Down to a Science

Flood damage due to heavy rains, storms, or any other natural cause can have a devastating impact on your Hampton home. The floodwater can enter your home and damage the aesthetics, even the structural integrity.

 SERVPRO professionals can help you flood-damaged Hampton home in no time. However, the success rate and the time required for the restoration depend on several factors. Our IICRC certified technicians use a multifaceted approach to eliminate the water and the residual moisture and prevent significant damage to your home. Here are a few factors that affect the restorability of your home after a flood damage incidence.

 The amount of floodwater involved 

 One of the first factors dictating the restorability is the amount of water involved. Understandably, the more water involved, the more time it will take to remove it. It is crucial to remove the stagnant water from the property, but it is equally important to eliminate the excess residual moisture. SERVPRO professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to eliminate this moisture and prevent secondary damage after a flood.

The standing water is removed using equipment called extractors. They are available in multiple sizes, from truck-mounted to hand-held. The extractors pump out the liquid water in no time, but they can not eliminate the residual moisture from the air; the dehumidifiers do that job.

The dehumidifiers are equipment that can remove excess water vapor from the air. SERVPRO technicians use this equipment to dry the air and prevent secondary damage such as mold growth.

The humidity and temperature 

 The humidity and the temperature play a crucial role in the drying process. A combination of high temperature and low humidity works the best for efficient drying. The ideal temperature to promote faster drying and hence faster restoration is around 70 to 80 degrees. The ideal humidity, on the other hand, is below 50%. 

 If both the temperature and humidity conditions are met, drying occurs faster, and restoration takes less time.

 Call SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham at (603) 433-4300 today to schedule an appointment with one of our restoration experts.

Overcoming Flooding in Your Hampton Finished Basement

4/23/2022 (Permalink)

sandbags holding out flooding After Sandbag Failure Post Flooding in Hampton, Call SERVPRO for Restoration, "Like it never even happened."

Hampton Area Basement Storm Water Intrusion Requires Expert Extraction and Drying--Call SERVPRO

More disasters could adversely affect your Hampton home than many homeowners here take the time to consider. With the right planning and preparations, these potential disasters do not have to be so threatening to your home, though most do not think over the damage that severe weather and water diversion have on their home until this same damage already occurs.

One of the disasters that many homeowners in the area face is the regular threat of flooding from severe weather situations. The basement levels of your home likely got constructed to withstand much of the pressure from external water pooling and underground springs, but when you have water diversion implements fail (or not exist at all), this pressure gets harder and harder to hold back from pushing through the blockwork of your foundation. The ensuing flood damage to your Hampton home likely becomes widespread and challenging to contend with on your own.

Since so many homes in the area have finished basements, the damage is even harder to contain and limit when unabated water pours through cracks and splits in the blockwork. Flooring is often affected the worst by the flooding, though several inches of drywall from this floor towards the ceiling often require removal to both access cavities that need more concentrated cleanup and drying efforts and to replace unsalvageable drywall to complete restoration.

While extraction is a critical component of our restoration process, of equal importance, is our drying efforts. This approach typically utilizes air movers and dehumidifiers, though sometimes specialized equipment like drying mats and our injectidry system are a requirement to penetrate moist or damp areas inaccessible to conventional tools thoroughly. Blockwork hollow cells often contain hidden pockets of water or moisture that must be extracted.

The more that you know about your house, the better prepared you can be for storms that are persistently a threat throughout the area. Trust our SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham flood restoration specialists to help you overcome the water damage and return your home to its original condition. Give us a call 24/7 at (603) 433-4300.

What Everyone Must Know About Storm Damage in Portsmouth

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

Equipment for basement We aim to restore your home as quickly as possible, "Like it never even happened."

Coastal Challenges Worsen Flood Damage in Portsmouth

The Piscataqua River delta hugs Portsmouth on its journey to the Atlantic. Rising sea levels are a concern in the area, and when heavy storms sweep through, storm surge is part of the challenge if a home floods. Groundwater near the ocean and freshwater rivers that empty into the sea already experience heightened salt and other minerals levels. The denser saltwater pushes into the estuary beneath the outflowing river water, making its way upstream.

The aftermath of a fierce summer storm in Portsmouth causes flood damage in the lower levels of your home. Professionals should always manage flooding recovery. The water is, by definition, contaminated, possibly toxic, and in need of containment and appropriate disposal as hazardous waste.

Added salt and minerals can accelerate and increase the damage water does on its own. Wood framing and other cellulose-based building materials can weaken because of the salt load, showing the effects even after extraction and drying. Delignification, a process where the glue-like substance that holds the cells together is reduced or removed, is an additional stress when salt contaminates the floodwater. SERVPRO’s Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians are familiar with saltwater complications and adapt mitigation and remediation strategies to respond to the issue.

Our experienced project managers assess your flood damage, directing crews to secure the exterior if necessary. Water deeper than two inches pumps out, then we continue the floodwater removal with high-efficiency extractors. Our SERVPRO technicians might flush with freshwater if our experts deem it necessary. Because the floodwater likely contains other contaminants like sewage of road and lawn chemicals, we clean the affected surfaces thoroughly and treat with EPA-registered antimicrobial products.

Throughout the project, we monitor moisture levels and seek to find hidden water in building cavities and cinder block cells. We use a range of solutions to release trapped water, including drilling holes in mortar joints and making flood cuts in paneling or drywall. Once SERVPRO is sure all standing and pooled water is gone, our IICRC-certified Applied Structural Drying (ASD) technicians use moisture data to determine drying goals. We place air movers and heaters to facilitate the movement of water out of structural components into airborne vapor. Heavy-duty dehumidifiers remove and collect the water for permanent disposal outside of your home.

SERVPRO of The Seacoast stands with you after flood damages your home. We have the training, equipment, and experience to make it “Like it never even happened,” with one call to (603) 433-4300.

Who should I call for Flood Damage in my Basement?

1/4/2022 (Permalink)

drawing of water in basement SERVPRO has the tools to remove all water from your basement.

SERVPRO Cleans Basement Flood Damage in Portsmouth

New Hampshire homeowners may be aware of the risks basements face when it comes to flooding, but they may be surprised to know that only 2% of basements never experience flood damage during their lifespan. While there are many preventive measures that you can take to minimize damage, when disaster strikes, it can be stressful and overwhelming to keep your family safe and salvage your home and belongings after it occurs. However, there is a team that can help.

When flood damage hits your Portsmouth basement, SERVPRO technicians are ready to bring fully-loaded trucks filled with cutting-edge equipment, EPA-registered biocides, and gas-powered generators to restore your home to a pre-damage condition. The Institute of Inspection Cleanup and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-accredited pros handle everything from extracting floodwaters, waste, and debris from your basement to making necessary structural repairs to your property.

What to Maintain to Minimize Basement Floods

  • Sealing tiles and foundation. Proper sealing is necessary to prevent water seepage and foundation damage.
  • Proper downspout installation. If downspouts are too short, are clogged, or face the wrong way, floodwaters can quickly be redirected into your home through cracks in the basement.
  • Drain tiles. This is the drainage system built around your home, like a curtain drain.
  • Clean gutters. Much like your downspouts, gutters need adequate care to prevent damage and clogs that can eventually lead to water pooling in the basement.
  • Sump pumps. Making sure your basement's drainage system is operational minimizes the risk of sewage backups and floodwater backing up into your home.

SERVPRO Restores Your Home

SERVPRO techs have the means to remove floodwaters, no matter how deep. Portable, back-mounted extractors, wet/dry vacuums, and mops are ideal for small-scale floods. Submersible, gas-powered pumps tackle floodwaters 2 inches or higher. Truck-mounted extraction systems remove large volumes of water: Anywhere from 60 gallons to well over 100 gallons of floodwater. After extraction, your basement can be sanitized with EPA-registered biocides and prepared for structural drying.

SERVPRO of The Seacoast provides mitigation service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. You can call (603) 433-4300 for a reliable rapid-response service.

How Do I Clean My House after Flood Damage in Portsmouth?

12/15/2021 (Permalink)

drone view of flooded houses and trees SERVPRO provides groundwater extraction, demolition, cleanup and disinfecting of Portsmouth storm damaged properties

Flood damage cleaning is a multistep process, and SERVPRO can help with skills and other resources.

When your Portsmouth home floods, you have to address a wide range of problems, including deep soiling, contamination, and bad odor, to restore the home to its pre-damage condition. Even from casual observation, you are likely to identify several problems that need immediate attention, whether it is your expensive upholstered furniture submerged in filthy water, appliances filled with murky water, or layers of mud or silt inside your house. Although the ultimate goal is to address all the issues, deciding what to start with is not easy.

How do professional restorers determine what step to prioritize?

Because of dealing with numerous flood damage incidents in Portsmouth, professional restorers develop systemic procedures that help determine the steps necessary in each situation and how to schedule them. Some of the crucial issues our SERVPRO technicians consider include:

  • The type of items the flood affects
  • Perceived chances of further deterioration
  • External factors connected to the flooding

Flooding can damage some items permanently, even after minimal exposure. Carpets and upholstered furniture may be damaged irreparably by exposure to contaminants due to the porous nature of their constituent parts. Our crews are, therefore, likely to focus initial efforts on salvageable contents such as appliances. When scoping the property, we also try to establish the level of deterioration likely to occur and use it as a basis for determining the steps to prioritize. A factor like the amount of standing water left in the building has greater ramifications than the inconvenience it causes to anyone wading through. Such water continues to intrude on surfaces or materials, worsening the damage. Therefore, removing the water or moving items away from the flooded areas have top priority over other steps, unlike a case where the floodwater drains out of the home immediately. One external factor likely to influence the restoration process is the time it takes water outside the structure to recede.

Which steps does a typical flood cleanup exercise involve?

  • Discarding soaked and contaminated materials
  • Removal of foreign materials such as mud and silt
  • Applying antimicrobial agents
  • Scrubbing walls and floors

As the floodwaters flow into your property, it soaks into different materials, leading to deterioration. Structural materials such as sheetrock, insulation, and wallpaper develop various problems when exposed to water. Since cleaning and drying cannot restore them to the pre-damaged state, the best action is the immediate removal of the wet sections for disposal. Apart from dealing with the wetness, removal also prevents additional problems such as wicking of moisture from the wet areas to the drier ones.

As the floodwater fills your house, it is likely to deposit materials collected outside, including silt, mud, and leaves. In most cases, manual removal is the only way to get rid of such materials. Our SERVPRO technicians bring shovels, plastic bags, and other tools to the damage site to handle the removal conveniently.

Many of the soils left on surfaces such as walls and floors adhere to the material or cause staining. Cleaning such materials can be challenging. Our crews use a combination of manual scrubbing with brushes or dusters and chemical action from professional cleaning agents. For large surfaces such as the floors in several rooms, we can use automated tools such as rotating brushes to ease the workload.

How do I tell what is contaminated?

The presence of contaminants in floodwater increases the burden you have to bear after your home floods. Contamination is high when an incident involves groundwater because such water collects materials over vast areas. Typical contaminants might include:

  • Farm or industrial chemicals
  • Heavy metals
  • Fuel oil
  • Biohazards including sewage

The water dumps these contaminants on the contents or surfaces it affects, so you should treat the entire property as contaminated and use personal protective equipment such as rubber gloves, boots, and other protective material when venturing in or performing clean-up tasks. The level of contamination left on different materials differs. For non-porous materials such as metal or plastics, the contamination is only on the surface. Cleaning such items thoroughly and use of disinfectants helps remove all traces of contamination. Porous and semi-porous materials can retain some traces of contamination even after cleaning, so they must be handled carefully.

Our SERVPRO technicians inspect the items in your house to determine whether to dispose of or keep them. We consider whether an item is made from porous materials and whether it is exposed directly to contaminated water. Apart from physical observation, we use advanced tools such as luminometers to test surfaces for organic contamination.

Cleaning up a flooded house presents many challenges. Assistance from SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham can help you deal with any incident, "Like it never even happened." You can reach us at (603) 433-4300.

Who Offers Reliable and Accessible Portsmouth Flood Damage Assistance?

11/23/2021 (Permalink)

3 dogs sleeping on sofa Our "Office Staff" says Relax since our SERVPRO production crew is doing a great job of restoring your Portsmouth flood-damaged home

SERVPRO is a local company with nationwide resources for Portsmouth flooding restoration

Nor'easters and hurricanes form under different conditions and areas of the Atlantic Ocean, but both types of storms target coastal New Hampshire, causing severe flood damage in Portsmouth. The destruction can destroy exterior and interior building materials and the contents of your home, as well as inflict similar wind and water damage on neighboring housing.

What Should Portsmouth Residents Look for in a Reputable Flood Restoration Contractor?

During the storm in Portsmouth and the immediate aftermath, you can feel utterly overwhelmed with the scope of the water clean up needed. Do not let panic impel a decision to hire an itinerant company operating out of a vehicle or two, following storms from community to community with hard-sell tactics. This can leave customers like yourself to fend for themselves if promises are unkept or lingering flood moisture issues occur. Contracting with your local SERVPRO instead offers:

  • Licensed and certified project managers, crew leads, and technicians
  • Swift, in-community response with minimal wait times and a brick and mortar presence, streamlining the crisis response and permitting ongoing support
  • Scalable capability, permitting us to help you and your neighbors by accessing our nationwide network of Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained partners
  • Comprehensive storm-related flooding interventions, including:
  • Tarping and board up emergency services
  • Water damage repairs
  • Basement flooding cleanup and water removal
  • Cleaning up after a sewer backup (a common complication when municipal sanitary waste systems cannot handle flooding quantities)
  • Mold inspections, remediations, and removal if indicated (mold can take hold after 24 to 72 hours of residual moisture)
  • Disinfection using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered antimicrobials
  • Applied structural drying, including determination of appropriate drying goals and continuous monitoring of drying progress

Engage the flood damage removal and repair services of SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham when your home suffers a battering from seasonal coastal storms. We are on alert 24/7, awaiting your call at (603) 433-4300 today, and looking forward to supporting you into the future.

Restoring Flood Damage in Exeter

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged parquet flooring Water can damaged wood and parquet flooring in your Exeter home--Call SERVPRO to mitigate the storm damaged flooring

The Effects of Flooding on Your Floors and Subfloors

Flooding costs in Exeter and the rest of New Hampshire run into millions of dollars each year. It grows worse when homeowners ignore the effects until they feel floors give under their feet or they can see the colors bleeding from their carpets.

That is why Exeter flood damage, or anywhere else, always begins underfoot. Wood floors start to warp and buckle in only several days. SERVPRO technicians prevent this by removing standing water quickly and drawing moisture trapped in the floorboards. If we do not, the wood damage is only the beginning. The sub-floor under floorboards and carpets is a perfect environment for mold spores to expand and grow.

Flood Damage Clean Up

When flood damage does happen, SERVPRO restoration teams have to remove the wood flooring and take care to prevent spreading any mold spores onto other property or into rooms not already contaminated. If there are undamaged pieces, team members attempt to remove them without causing secondary damage. If there is enough to make it feasible to the homeowner, we reuse it in areas along walls to hide it under floor trim or furniture.

Now, we examine the sub-floor. Damage from water and mold is usually minimal, so we typically accomplish this part of the job in just a few days. If the damage is more than minimal, then removing it could take over a week. In extreme cases, it is quicker and cheaper to remove the entire sub-floor immediately and replace it than spend time trying to save a small amount of wood. We may have to bring in jacks and screws for extra wall support if this happens until we lay in the new sub-floor. Technicians work quickly but take the time needed to do it right.

If the subfloor is not level, then the wood floor we install on top starts off already buckled and with other problems. Putting in a new wood floor is simpler by comparison. We check our lines and joints carefully with each board to prevent gaps and carefully use sanders to ensure a completely level surface.

Restoring your home after a flood is a complicated process, but SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham has the training, tools, and experience to put it back together. For more information on how we can help you and your home, call us today at (603) 433-4300.

Flood Damage in Portsmouth After a Storm

6/5/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded bedroom with water everywhere and items floating around Has your home been recently flooded? Call the certified technicians at SERVPRO for water removal and effective flood damage remediation efforts.

SERVPRO's Fast and Efficient Response Dries Out Your Property and can Prevent Secondary Damages

Extreme weather can drop millions of gallons of water into a relatively small area overnight. It overcomes river banks, levees, and dams in less than a day, with people's homes sitting helplessly in the way.

When flood damage in Portsmouth is from a storm system, there is the additional threat of contaminated water to homes. There is soil and other debris not present with a broken hose from a dishwasher. That can mean more property has to be replaced rather than restored, which translates to thousands of dollars in additional costs. This situation makes the cleaning services offered by SERVPRO just as important as water removal.

Our first action to clean and restore property is to get it out of the water. Since the items sit on the floors, for the most part, merely removing the water is not enough. Our response team places furniture and other items on wood or cinder blocks. Raising the property gets it off carpets and wood floors, preventing wood finishes and paints from leaving stains. It also helps water to drain and puts airflow over and under the items.

Next, we inspect everything. If there is any soil or other contaminants found on the surface, we start cleaning immediately. If it does not spread and stain more of the surface, our specialists use brushes to remove heavy soil. Brushing is effective on hard surfaces like bookcases and tables but may not be possible on fabrics like curtains, drapes, and upholstered furniture.

When it comes to cleaning, every SERVPRO office has access to a nationwide network of antimicrobial cleaners and commercial detergents. In the decades we have been in the restoration business, we have found very few stains that our technicians cannot remove. The EPA approves everything we use for residential purposes. We use a special immersion tank that forces bubbles into the cleaning solution and over and through the property for those items heavily soiled and stained.

Cleaning up after a storm is not a fast or easy process. At SERVPRO of The Seacoast, we have the experience and training to put your home back together and return it to its original state so you can return to your life before the storm. Call us at (603) 433-4300 today. 

How Does SERVPRO Help with Flood Restoration in Exeter Homes?

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

storm damaged home Storm damage removal services are no joke. SERVPRO will be onsite with IICRC techs within 4 hours of the initial call.

From water removal services to water damage repairs, we can help Exeter homes after a flood.

When storms and flood damage impact Exeter area homes and businesses, we have a team of professionals ready 24/7 to help. The path to making these incidents “Like it never even happened,” starts with effective mitigation and restoration solutions. We can help clean up your home:

  • Flood restoration
  • Basement flooding
  • Emergency services water damage
  • Water damage repairs
  • Mold inspections
  • Water clean up

How Can Floodwater Penetrate Your Property? 

Storms can often be a catalyst to flood damage in Exeter homes. Passing severe weather events like hurricane-strength systems or high-wind conditions can cripple aging roofs or remove the siding. Vulnerabilities from missing windows, damaged roofs, missing siding, or broken/damaged foundation masonry can welcome floodwater into the property.

How Do Water Removal Services Begin After a Flood?

Water removal services can be one of the most vital efforts to get started after flood damage. As rapidly as infiltrating water can pool and collect on surfaces like the flooring, prompt response to remove this standing water can better protect other areas of the property from exposure to flood water migration. Absorption and saturation are concerns for the porous materials and contents in the path of moving floodwater. Because this threat would also come with the possibility of solids and debris, every extractor in our vast inventory is not ideal for flood removal. We use instruments like:

  • Truck-mount extractors
  • Trash pumps
  • Wet vacuums

Is Muck-Out Cleaning Beneficial for the Property? 

Natural flooding can introduce several types of solids and debris into the house for responding technicians to contend with during flood restoration. Flood damage recovery begins with removing standing water, which can often reveal settled debris and materials resting on floors and other exposed surfaces. Shoveling up the sludge and remnants of a natural flooding incident can be critical to identifying structural concerns or other damages that exist and require immediate correction. Depending on the disaster, several types of debris and matter can get left behind in your household, including:

  • Mud
  • Silt
  • Organic matter
  • Vermin
  • Oil/Chemicals

Where Are Water Damage Repairs Necessary? 

Natural flooding often requires some degree of water damage repairs and controlled demolition. With a general contractor license and experienced professionals, we can seamlessly transition between mitigation and cleaning efforts necessary after storm damage flooding and the required repairs or reconstruction. Removing and discarding impacted materials can be a suitable solution to reduce and eliminate bacterial, and contaminant threats present in the house after natural floodwater infiltration. This general contractor license also allows us to reconstruct the vulnerabilities that exist in your home’s exterior that allowed for floodwater penetration in the first place.

From flood damage to the destructive storms that can pass through the area, our SERVPRO of The Seacoast team must stay prepared for disasters 24/7. We have skilled professionals ready to help remove floodwater and restore the damage these emergencies can cause. Call us today at (603) 433-4300.

SERVPRO Helps Portsmouth Properties Recover from Flood Damage

3/4/2021 (Permalink)

storm damaged home Storms may cause flooding I the end. If so, SERVPRO is the team to call for storm restoration service for your property.

Portsmouth Property Owners Trust SERVPRO To Remove Flood Damage 

One significant contributing factor to the outcome of water damage cleanup in a home is the building envelope. If the envelope is not adequate, the weather outside can affect the drying of the interior. 

What is a Building Envelope?

When SERVPRO handles flood damage in Portsmouth properties, a term homeowners may hear is "building envelope." This term refers to the elements that separate the interior from the exterior and control the climate within the property, including: 

  • Roofs
  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Foundation
  • Windows

When SERVPRO techs are calculating the drying time, one of the many factors that have a bearing on the amount of time needed is how well the envelope stops humidity from coming into the home. When drying a structure affected by floodwater, limiting the influence of weather conditions outside the home is crucial. 

Because no structure can be airtight, the IICRC breaks the envelope description down into the three main types: loose, moderate, and tight. Tight is the best at keeping exterior weather conditions out of the home, and a loose envelope can have a direct bearing on drying times within a property. 

SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham at (603) 433-4300  supports the local Portsmouth area with flood damage cleanup.

Post-Flood Damage Repairs in Portsmouth

2/12/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO of The Seacoast is quick to get your flood damage under control.

Building contractors can ensure structural repair begins as soon as possible after a flood. 

Flooding can be an inevitable situation for many Portsmouth homes and businesses, specifically because of winter conditions like ice jams that can overflow creeks and streams. Once water exists inside your home, it can be a devastating force that reaches vital areas like supports and subflooring to make repairs and reconstruction inevitable to restore the impact flooding has on the house thoroughly.

Repairing a Flood-Damaged Portsmouth Home

With a team of licensed contractors and a division of restoration technicians, we can offer a broad spectrum of action for flood damage in Portsmouth homes. Repairs are often among the most critical activities that we can begin as a restoration unit. Exposure to natural flooding can often come with the threat of contamination and bacteria. Controlled demolition is an effective solution to manage what materials have been impacted by potentially compromised water. Other repairs include:

  • Board-up
  • Tarping
  • Utility repairs

Flooding can devastate homes, but our SERVPRO of The Seacoast team can make it “Like it never even happened,” when you call (603) 433-4300.

Keeping Summer Tourism Thriving After Flood Damage to Portsmouth Properties

1/28/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians Flooding quickly causes water damage. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

Flooding can be devastating to area homes and businesses without skilled professional restoration.

For many of the settlements and townships that developed throughout New England, Portsmouth is one with a vast and colorful history. Settlers initially found the region agreeable for living conditions as early as 1630, though, at this time, the city was named for its most generous offering, strawberries. Over the years and centuries, Portsmouth would multiply to the nearly 22,000 residents living here today.

Portsmouth is one of the stops for Revolutionary legend Paul Revere warning of the British arrival with their warships. Many of the historic structures from this famous war of American history still stand today throughout Rockingham County. Portsmouth, however, is known for much more than just its ties to the American Revolution.

Attractions That Draw in Tourists to Portsmouth 

  • The Music Hall – With claims as to the oldest running theater in New Hampshire (being built in 1878), and one of the oldest in the United States, The Music Hall is a venue that can draw in a crowd. This venue has welcomed legends like Tony Bennett to the stage in its illustrious past and continues to be a space promoting independent music, comedy, and cinema. More than 130,000 people visit this historic site every year.
  • USS Albacore Museum & Park – This attraction is a museum that allows visitors to tour a decommissioned United States Navy submarine brought here in 1985. The USS Albacore receives many visitors every year and helps interested people see the living conditions and architecture of one of the most impressive military feats. 
  • Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse – This is a lighthouse originally in use starting in 1771, and it was one of only 11 stations established before the American Revolution. Over the years, this site had seen the lighthouse's reconstruction to promote modern engineering when repairs were necessary.
  • The Seacoast – Perhaps one of the most alluring attractions of the general Portsmouth area is the Seacoast in general. From harbors and piers, there are multiple activities for fishing, swimming, and other aquatic-based pleasures.

Protecting Portsmouth Homes After Flood Losses

Flood damage to Portsmouth homes can be a devastating situation, especially when multiple levels of your property are impacted simultaneously. With flash flooding and quickly developing natural flooding situations a continual threat in Rockingham County, our SERVPRO team remains diligent to respond rapidly to storm damage and floods to protect as much of your property as possible.

Removing standing water with debris and solids requires specific tools and instruments such as trash pumps and truck-mount extractors. Once any water pooling is addressed, we can better identify structural hazards or other mitigation actions that must get taken to begin restoring and recovering your flood-damaged home.

As rapidly as flooding can occur and sweep throughout your home, our SERVPRO of the Seacoast team is ready to respond 24/7 to help. Give us a call today at (603) 433-4300.

Is My Wood Flooring Ruined After a Flood?

9/13/2020 (Permalink)

DRYING MATS ON HARDWOOD FLOOR GREEN AIR MOVER SERVPRO Can Often Save Flood-Damaged Hardwood Flooring in Portsmouth with Our Advanced Equipment and Expertise

SERVPRO Restores Flooring in Portsmouth Properties

Floodwater impacts virtually everything in its path, and unfortunately, your Portsmouth home may be in the track of an oncoming flood. The added element of contamination makes the cleanup process more challenging because of the additional protocols relating to floodwater. After technicians remove the black water (level 3) with extraction equipment, it is time to examine your flooring to determine the level of damage. Our trained project manager or team leader scope the damage to your home before creating a complete restoration plan.

What Can SERVPRO Do to Save My Floors?

Technicians Use Equipment and Techniques to Dry Flooring

SERVPRO Uses specialized equipment after flood damage in your Portsmouth home. SERVPRO technicians focus on mitigating further damage, such as preventing buckling, cupping, or permanent warping of materials. Hardwood floors require a moisture stabilization rate of about 12% before technicians can refinish them. The level and flat surface of the planks may require light sanding. If the floors are over-dried, they can splinter and become permanently damaged, and under-dried can cause moisture to sit and foster mold growth and the wood to rot. An effective extraction method for wood flooring is through the use of drying mat systems.

How Does the Injectidry System Operate?

This system is one method of using specialized advanced equipment for water extraction.

  • Injectidry or Dri-Eaz systems consist of a hardwood floor drying mat, which acts as a "tent" to create a closed area to increase the effectiveness of suction, and an extractor.
  • A single mat or multiple connected mats lay on top of the flooring, connected to the truck-mounted or portable extractor with a vacuum hose for excess moisture removal.
  • Technicians periodically check under the mats to physically wipe excess water and to ensure they extract the appropriate amount of water from the flooring and monitor the mats for moving them to optimize the extraction.

What Other Things Can We Do to Protect Your Floors from Further Damage?

  • Manage humidity in your home through the use of dehumidifiers and air movers.
  • Remove baseboards for adequate access to flooring.
  • Properly ventilate the impacted area by drilling small holes in the baseboard area and using tubing with the injecti-dry system for either positive or negative airflow.

For assistance after a flood, contact SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham at (603) 433-4300. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Can My Home’s Flood Damage Be Remediated?

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Flood zone sign SERVPRO Leaves Your Flood Damaged Home in Portsmouth Only When It Is Dry and Ready for a Build Back.

Portsmouth Flood Damage Remediation Companies Employ Various Methods to Return Your Home to Its Pre-Flood Condition.

Residents of Portsmouth are no strangers to powerful coastal storms and the flooding they often cause.  Whenever this flooding affects you, it’s crucial that you quickly have it professionally cleaned up.

Portsmouth flood damage cleanup companies, like SERVPRO, have a time-tested process for safely dealing with the hazardous results of flooding.  This is important because if your home isn’t properly cleaned after such an event, it could lead to negative long-term health effects, substantial ongoing damage to your residence, and persistent foul odors.  In order to avert these adverse effects, our technicians do the following things:

Quickly remove standing flood water from your home with powerful extractors

Use ultra-low volume foggers to inject antimicrobials into affected surfaces

Neutralize airborne microbes with thermal foggers

Make interior temperatures less favorable for microbial growth with heated extractors and refrigerant dehumidifiers

Use dehumidifiers to lower interior humidity to less than 60%, slowing the proliferation of bacteria and fungi

Employ injectidry systems to dry difficult-to-access areas behind structural elements

After SERVPRO workers complete these steps, residents are better protected from potentially harmful health effects and their home is less susceptible to developing mold/mildew damage, dry rot, and unpleasant smells.

Why Should I Not Attempt to Clean Up Flood Damage Myself?

Floodwaters are generally dangerous waters that have flowed over various surfaces, picking up a multitude of hazardous substances.  These waters often contain one or more of the following:  animal or human corpses, human and animal excrement, and toxic chemicals.  It, therefore, takes the expertise and equipment of a company like SERVPRO to safely handle floodwater remediation.  If you attempt to perform one yourself, you risk getting sick and likely cannot effectively eliminate the harmful microorganisms that cause long-term home damage.  

With all that said, if your home is ever impacted by a flood, call SERVPRO of The Seacoast at (603) 433-4300 for help.

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Are There Ways to Protect My Home After a Flood?

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Storm clouds and lightning After your home suffers flood damage, you need a team of professionals to assist you with cleanup. Call SERVPRO right away! We are always available.

With a fast response and experienced technicians, our SERVPRO team can help your Portsmouth home return to preloss condition quickly. 

After a flood loss in your Portsmouth home, you can wonder if things will ever look and feel the same again. Standing water alone can cause devastation throughout affected areas of your home, providing an overwhelming sight for the DIY restorer. Our SERVPRO team can help with a fast response to these emergencies when you call and the equipment and expertise to manage the current conditions and return your home to its original state. 

While there are multiple degrees of flood damage in Portsmouth homes after a loss incident, several of the approaches necessary to restore the current effects are the same. We have pre-stocked trailers loaded with water restoration equipment like extractors, air movers, dehumidifiers, and potent cleaning products to help. Arriving quickly with these tools and technologies already in hand ensures that vital mitigation begins as soon as possible and that there are no further opportunities for irreparable structural damage. 

What Are the Main Threats of a Flood Scenario?

Every flood situation comes with threats and risks to your home and its occupants. In many ways, this disaster is one of the most devastating that can befall a home, and that is why our professionals stay ready to respond to these water restoration needs as soon as you need it. Understanding some of the main threats to your property can help you know why you need to secure professional restoration to protect your house. Some of these pressing concerns include:

  • Material Deterioration – Direct exposure to standing or migrating water after a flood can weaken construction materials. 
  • Microbial Threats – Moist and damp conditions created by the presence of floodwater and saturation of many materials can present the appropriate conditions for mold growth in as little as 48 hours. 
  • Contaminants – Natural flooding gets considered to be a blackwater incident, meaning that the likelihood of contamination and health threats are elevated. 
  • Structural Damage – The longer that materials stay exposed to water, the more likely that they become weakened and deteriorate.

Is There a Way to Help Before SERVPRO Arrives? 

Often, homeowners want to do more to help their situation as soon as possible once disasters like flooding strike. While We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster and can often reach your property within hours of the first notice of loss, there are still ways to prepare for these possibilities and act when disasters strike in the small window before our competent professionals get there. Here is what you should do:

  • Emergency Plan – Emergency plans are an excellent way to prepare for any loss situation that could impact your property. It assigns all of the occupants of your house with a path and destination so that they can safely get out of the house during a disaster. 
  • Keepsakes and Heirlooms – There is no doubt that you have some irreplaceable valuables in your home that can become ruined by rising or spreading floodwater. If possible, in the earliest stages of this emergency, you can relocate some of your home contents to other areas of the property or take heirlooms and treasures with you when you vacate the house.
  • Turn Off Utilities If Possible – If it is possible for you to get to them safely, you can cut the electrical service throughout your home by severing the primary breaker in the box, shut off water service with a valve where the water comes from the meter into your home, and other similar steps. These steps prevent damage to these elements that can amplify the hazards or work to get done.

What Can I Expect from Professional Restoration? 

While there is an allure to cleaning and restoring your home yourself, this is rarely feasible with flood losses, as so many areas of your property can become damaged without you even realizing it. We have sophisticated equipment to track water migration and the success of drying and restoration solutions that we implement. We have multiple strategies that set our professional restoration apart, and people have come to trust our SERVPRO team thanks to our immediate actions after a flood, including:

  • Content Management
  • Extraction
  • Muck Out 
  • Drying 
  • Cleaning 

No matter how detrimental a flood loss situation can be, the right preparations and fast responses can make a substantial difference. Our SERVPRO of The Seacoast team can help with experience and capable equipment to make flood losses “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (603) 433-4300.

How Can I Remove Salt Water From My Portsmouth Home?

5/10/2020 (Permalink)

house with furniture out of place and walls peeling from flood damage When flood damage occurs in your home it can be hard to take care of. Contact SERVPRO to remediate the damages.

Salt Water Removal In Portsmouth is a Job for a Professional Service

Living close to the water is idyllic. Whether you enjoy swimming, the seashore, or life on a yacht, the calming effect a body of water can have on your soul is like nothing else. Recent weather events teach us that we are vulnerable to the elements, and a rise in water levels can cause saltwater to reach your home.

When you live in Portsmouth, and you face flood damage, you must call a professional service to assist you in the restoration process. Saltwater can seep into your crawl space and other areas of your home, causing corrosion and weakening of structural elements. Anticipate and resolve damaging consequences by reaching out to SERVPRO as soon as the emergency happens. Our team is available 24/7 to meet your needs.

Is saltwater flooding different from freshwater?

Flooding in your home can be devastating, regardless of its source. Ocean water adds a layer of complexity due to its salty nature, which can be corrosive to your home. Your furniture, paint, flooring, and the foundation of your home may suffer as a result of the water. Our professional services at SERVPRO can help you address the needs of each area of your home by taking a targeted approach to the restoration and cleanup.

Many of our customers are surprised to find out that a thorough restoration process requires much more than extracting water. It is a continuous evaluation of humidity levels and gradual extraction of water accompanied by ancillary services focused on restoring the contents of your home. Through this period, our crew at SERVPRO can take action such as-

  • Isolating essential documents and prepare them for freeze-drying or other document preservation processes.
  • Removing carpet and other porous surfaces that pose a threat to the overall health of your family.
  • Pumping water from your home using varying sizes of pumps and extractors and observing environmental recommendations and regulations.

For a full evaluation and action plan, SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham are at your service. Call us at (603) 433-4300 and let us work for you. Our goal, like yours, is to leave your home, "Like it never even happened." 

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Some Shortcuts to Flood Damage Remediation Success in Exeter

12/15/2019 (Permalink)

flooded living room with couches Effective and efficient water removal is what your home needs after flooding. Call SERVPRO right away after a flood damage event.

Handling the Elevated Levels of Humidity Related to Flood Damage in Exeter 

Water takes different forms, determined by the environment, particularly the temperature. While it is normal for your Exeter residence to contain moisture in the air, flooding does more than just get your floor and lower portions of the walls wet. Water vapor increases dramatically as the floodwater evaporates. Wherever it comes into contact with cooler surfaces, it condenses, forming tiny droplets, and then evaporates again whenever air currents whisk the moisture back into the air.

This can cause an Exeter home significant flood damage in areas away from the initially affected area. If contact with water or extreme humidity can cause damage to some material or item in your home, it needs protection after a flood happens, regardless of its location inside your home. Second stories, attics, and lofts might get packed in advance of a flood to protect things downstairs, but this cannot protect everything from the increased water vapor destined to fill flooded houses.

Odors can also permeate items stored for their protection. Out-of-place water, such as you might have after a broken pipe leaks or a sink overflows, often creates noticeable odors. When clean water produces odors, you only need to imagine how badly a home with flooding can begin to smell. These odors can also permeate clothing, bedding, and furniture stored upstairs, as well as the carpeting. 

SERVPRO understands the many ways that flooding can hurt your property, and we work diligently to take care of the situation. Wiping windows dry on the interior of your home reduces a good portion of the moisture condensing on cooler surfaces. Other items where we might find large amounts of condensation range from fine china to tools. China might become discolored and tools can rust, making them unsightly or difficult to use. 

Air movers that create a continuous and strong air current within your home keeps water vapor from condensing and lets us trap it in our desiccant machines. Fogging treatments can combat both odors and microbes that would otherwise take over your house. Our building team works alongside us as they remove damaged materials, check the electrical wiring and other components, and reinstall walls and carpeting. 

SERVPRO of The Seacoast works on making homes in Portsmouth, Hampton, and Greenland “Like it never even happened” after flood damage takes place. Call our 24-hour services line, (603) 433-4300, for fast, reliable service.

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Cleaning Up After Flooding in Your Portsmouth Apartment

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Apartment building flooded on the sidewalk up to garage doors. SERVPRO is very knowledgeable when it comes to flooding in your Portsmouth community. Let us help.

Let us show you the way with your Portsmouth flooding.

Powerful storms are nothing new to the residents of Portsmouth, and property owners work to limit how destructive these weather events can be with a prompt response from professional restoration technicians. From hurricane-level threats making landfall from the Atlantic Ocean to the threats that can even attack the coast from the Piscataqua River, cleaning up after destruction and the related flooding of an apartment is a challenging situation.

Cleaning is a critical element to every recovery project that our SERVPRO team undertakes, and it has the same level of importance with flood damage in Portsmouth apartments. Strong systems pouring in from the coast often bring fierce winds that can not only endanger seafaring trades but can also circulate debris to break windows and cause widespread structural damage to the apartment building. Considering the torrential rainfall that can accompany these weather events, a breach like a broken window is the ideal opening to allow runoff and direct water exposure.

Addressing this situation often requires the use of confined space extractors like our light wants and portable sump pumps. Even when the building has lost power, we can utilize these submersible pumps that we can run off of generators. The ideal situation is to limit excessive discharge and lead hoses to the floor we are working on, so we work to have the specific extraction and drying tools helpful to your apartment explicitly.

Cleaning up the glass is also part of the process, and our team has a full roster of qualified cleaning technicians able to address each hazardous effect in your home after a flood loss. From clearing the broken glass to using our potent products to clear residues, dirt, and debris from surfaces, we offer a full-service approach to recovering your residence. We can even supply experienced general contractors to help with emergency board up and later full reconstruction of the apartment if necessary.

Flood damages to an apartment building put multiple properties at risk simultaneously. You can count on the fast response and expertise of our SERVPRO of The Seacoast to help. Give us a call anytime at (603) 433-4300.

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Concrete Solutions for Drying Cement in Portsmouth

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Water can damage concrete as it retains water and is challenging to dry.

Flood Damage Technicians In Portsmouth Explain How To Dry Out Concrete 

This spring season much of the country has seen an elevated amount of severe weather meaning that the Portsmouth area could be the victim of thunderstorms throughout the summer season. If there are large amounts of rainfall, there is a chance that your residence could become the victim of excessive flood damage. Once the water starts to build up outside, it is possible that rainwater can find its way into your dwelling. Wet structural components and other materials can cause the relative humidity level inside your house to rise. When the indoor humidity level is high inside your home, other items become at risk of receiving secondary flood damage.  

During flooding situations, exterior walls can often become the first part of your building that gets impacted. When mitigating flood damage in Portsmouth, our water restoration technicians or WRTs at SERVPRO work towards eliminating moisture as soon as possible so that secondary issues do not arise. The first stage of mitigation usually involves extracting the water while it is still liquid. Once all standing water and moisture inside your porous materials like carpet get removed, our next step is the applied structural drying or ASD phase.  

During ASD our SERVPRO WRTs utilize advanced technology and specialized equipment to create an environment that is conducive to rapid structural drying. Most of the time, we can accomplish this by setting up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers. However, in some cases, when we are dealing with certain types of materials, we must take other measures to dry out your contents or building materials after flooding.  

Concrete is a non-porous substance, but once it does get wet, the items can be challenging to dry out. Some houses contain cinder block or concrete exterior walls that can hold moisture on the inside. When dealing with cinder block walls, we often drill holes in a mortar joint towards the bottom of the wall to drain water out of the wall cavity. We can also set up desiccant dehumidifiers to help pull moisture out of the concrete materials. 

If you ever suffer damage after your neighborhood floods, call SERVPRO of The Seacoast at (603) 433-4300 any day of the week.  

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Basement Flood Extraction and Drying in Portsmouth Homes

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let your basement, extra living space turn into a Harbor.

Let SERVPRO help you keep that extra living space dry as possible.

The basement area has served a specific purpose for many Portsmouth homeowners over generations of time, though now many of these same properties have finished this area to convert it into usable living space. With new construction materials like drywall and vinyl wood flooring, the battles that many homeowners face with moisture and dampness in this lower area become even more taxing and potentially damaging. Without the appropriate measures taken to prevent moisture penetration and seeping dampness from beneath the flooring or from the foundation blockwork, homes can find themselves allowing flood effects into the property during severe weather events.

Protecting the affected materials and structural elements in the basement of your Portsmouth home after flood damage can often be more complicated than you might think. Our SERVPRO professionals have extensive training and education from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to become certified Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) capable of handling all facets of restoration and recovery when flooding occurs in your house. We can also dispatch qualified personnel to address potential mold effects that could result from prolonged moisture and dampness.

Whenever the point of penetration is, swelling and bloating of the affected construction materials like drywall and flooring can happen in as little as a day. Addressing these structural concerns is a priority of our SERVPRO professionals and is a considerable portion of our mitigation strategy that begins with our arrival at your house.

In many situations, the need for extraction and the threat of contamination can cause our technicians to remove saturated materials from the basement to better access the worst of the damage. We can then directly remove standing water in wall cavities or other affected areas without access limitations. Our contractors have years of experience in the building trades, allowing us to repair and reconstruct removed areas of your finished basement quickly.

While basements are more often used as additional living space in modern construction throughout our area, addressing flooding in these areas of the property must happen quickly. Our SERVPRO of The Seacoast professionals have the experience and equipment to make flood effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (603) 433-4300.

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Should Fixing Flood Damage in Portsmouth Take 60 Steps?

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Flood damage can accumulate quickly. Don't wait for things to subside, contact SERVPRO today.

Get Prompt Flood Damage Restoration for Your Portsmouth Home

The risk of flooding is increasing worldwide because of climate change, especially in low-lying and coastal areas. Climate change also plays a role in rising seas and extreme weather events like heavy rain. Flood water can severely damage your home, leading to heavy financial losses.

When the flood waters recede, your home may have mud, silt, and hazardous materials like pesticides, sharp debris, and microorganisms. Therefore, you need prompt flood damage restoration for your Portsmouth home. Quick remediation prevents additional damage to water-soaked structures and contents. You can trust the professionals at SERVPRO to restore your home to its former condition. We respond to calls quickly and work fast to dry out the structure and contents. We handle any water damage emergency.

We use advanced equipment like pumps and wet/dry vacuums to extract as much water as possible from a structure. We spend enough time extracting the water so that drying can take place much faster. Porous materials like drywall and most kinds of flooring absorb water, and it may not be apparent. This water does not have a way to exit your property can continue spreading to the walls, ceilings and beneath the flooring. It can damage several rooms because of the interconnected walls. After some time, the walls can warp or swell subtly, and their integrity can decrease. Walls or ceilings may collapse and hardwood flooring can buckle, requiring replacement.

Our SERVPRO technicians can remove water from porous materials through proper drying and dehumidification. To dry rooms faster, our technicians heat them to 60 to 90 degrees since hot air holds more moisture. We then use dehumidifiers to remove the evaporated moisture from the air. We also use air movers to move the air in the affected rooms. Air movement is critical for drying. The air in water-damaged rooms slows evaporation because it is usually humid and damp. We blow the damp air out and bring in the warm, dry air to expedite drying. Our technicians also use tools like moisture meters to measure moisture levels. We can adequately dry the affected areas.

When there is flooding in your home, SERVPRO of The Seacoast is nearby and ready to assist you to dry it out. Contact us 24/7 at (603) 433-4300 for restoration services. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Are You Prepared for Snowmelt Flooding in Exeter?

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Spring rains and snowmelt are a recipe for flooding.

Snowmelt Can Cause Flood Damage in Your Exeter Home

As the winter comes to an end and spring blooms, melting snow can cause flood damage in your home if your city has sustained a heavy winter. Positioned at the bottom of a hill or a slope, the chances of flood damage for your home grow significantly, as gravity dictates that the water would flow downward. Most homes in these situations have defenses for this, such as sump pumps laid in their basement to redirect snowmelt-waters away from the house. However, sometimes, defense mechanisms can fail.  

Calling for help as soon as you find the flood damage in your Exeter basement is best. Unfortunately, the flood damage in your home did come from a sump pump failure, causing puddles of water to form around the drain. In severe cases, it can flood the entire floor of your home. The reason why it is essential to call for aid, as soon as you can, is because leaving water-based damage for any length of time can lead to future problems developing in your home. Furthermore, allowing more damages to develop only makes the problem more expensive to solve. Dealing with it quickly not only ensures the best price but also increases the chances of smooth remediation.  

SERVPRO Franchise professionals understand how stressful finding flood damage inside of your home can be. As a result, we always make an effort of arriving at the earliest time possible after we get your call. Once we arrive, our SERVPRO techs can get to work right away and use advanced technology to solve the issue.  

To remove the standing water, SERVPRO Franchise professionals can use a combination of portable pumps, even submersible if the water is significant in volume, wet/dry vacuums, and extractors. All of these devices are designed to get the water out of your house as soon as possible. Depending on the location and situation, SERVPRO can either redirect the water away from your house or remove it via truck. Once the water is gone, we can focus on using drying equipment to ensure that your home is at the proper moisture level that it should be, relative to the climate of your location.  

If snowmelt causes flood damage in your home, always get help right away. Speak with SERVPRO of The Seacoast by phoning (603) 433-4300. 24/7, we are open and ready to get the job done.  

Daniel Chester French, who sculpted the figure of Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial, was born in Exeter. Read more here

Have Odors in Your Greenland Home from Flood Damage? SERVPRO is Your Solution

12/7/2018 (Permalink)

The team at SERVPRO of The Seacoast can get rid of smelly odors "Like it never even happened."

Mitigating Flood Damage to Control Odors in Your Greenland Home

Water of any type can create odors inside your Greenland home. These odors can increase in strength as the water becomes dirtier. Floodwaters and sewage might occur in a small, localized area in your home but create foul odors that you can detect anywhere you go inside your house.

SERVPRO Odor Control Technicians (OCT) help homeowners in Greenland make their homes smell nice again after a flood damage disaster. Flooding can create extremely difficult odors, and even after successful mitigation and restoration, these heavy scents can continue to permeate your home's structure. Microorganisms, organic matter, pollutants, and soils from the flooding event can cause these odors, as well as chemical reactions that take place between the water and the substances in your property.

Many times, homeowners wish for our SERVPRO technicians to use ozone to eliminate the odors caused by flood damage that affected their property. We have a better option. Hydroxyl gas is equally effective and has added benefits that make using it safe to use in damp areas. Expert guidance recommends against using ozone in damp areas, among other situations.

Ozone can cause permanent color changes to damp fabrics and carpets, and it can also harm plants, pets, and people who occupy affected areas during treatment. Hydroxyl is less damaging than ozone. It can eliminate odors in damp conditions without causing changes to color, is safe enough for regular activities to take place, and produces excellent elimination of odors. The sole drawback is that it requires additional time to work, whereas ozone works more rapidly. However, this tradeoff becomes negligible when taking into consideration the fact that work does not need to stop at all while we use hydroxyl generators. Choosing ozone requires everyone to vacate the area, including those performing mitigation work.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of The Seacoast can help your family after a disaster tries to ruin your home. Odor control is a crucial aspect of flood control mitigation. Call us at (603) 433-4300, so we can perform the work needed to make your house feel like home again.

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Become Familiar With SERVPRO's Proven Storm Damage Remediation Process in Hampton

10/14/2018 (Permalink)

If your home suffers from flooding after a storm, get to safety and then quickly contact SERVPRO to dry out your flooded property.

What Hampton Homeowners Should Expect From Flood Damage Clean-up

The walls, roofs, ceiling, and foundation protect Hampton homeowners from floods. Problem is these structures can give in when you least expect it. In that case, you now have to deal with flood damage. The good news is that by taking the right steps immediately, you can avert further damage to your home. Here is what to expect from flood damage clean up.
Inspection of your home
Flood damage in your Hampton home can promote mold growth and structural problems. To prevent this, contact SERVPRO flood mitigation experts. As trained technicians, the first step we take is to inspect your home. Afterward, we use hygrometers and moisture detectors to measure moisture content and damage to your floors, ceiling, walls, and baseboards. To find hidden water behind ceilings and walls, we use infrared cameras.

Water extraction
Using advanced water removal equipment that includes gas powered pumps and truck mounted units, we remove any standing water from your home. Simply put, we remove hundreds or even thousands of gallons of standing water from all rooms. By doing this, we help to fast-track the drying time and prevent secondary damage. The time taken to remove water depends on the total amount of standing water and the size of your rooms.

Monitoring and drying
The drying process begins after the removal of the standing water. In this phase, SERVPRO IICRC certified and flood damage specialists are going to dry your home. High-speed air movers and dehumidifiers circulate airflow in your home and fast-track the drying process. During the drying stage, monitoring and documentation are done. This involves checking the dehumidifier’s intake, humidity levels, and output temperatures.

Once drying is complete, we remove the water extraction and drying equipment. We also clean your furniture, clothing and other belongings before moving your stuff back in your home. Now, your home is safe to use.

SERVPRO of The Seacoast is a leader in flood damage and mitigation and we help families overcome the devastating setbacks caused by floods. To restore your home back to its pre-flooded state, call our 24/7 emergency line at (603) 433-4300.

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Drying The Wall Cavities Of Your Hampton Property After A Flood Damage Experience

8/29/2018 (Permalink)

Flood damage is weather-related and results from flooding or storms after it rains heavily.

Drying Your Wall Cavities After A Flood

Flood damage is weather-related and results from flooding or storms after it rains heavily. Such incidents can be severe or mild and the longer your contents remain exposed to the wetness, chances of mold developing increase - something that leads to more damage. On top of the damage, odors challenges may result, and there is a need to work with professional restorers. We are looking at the procedures we use to dry the wall cavities of our Hampton property after such an experience.

Moisture gets trapped within the wall cavity of your Hampton home when a flood damage event takes place. It is essential to remove the trapped moisture to prevent secondary damage. In most cases, it is a challenge to dry wet walls since they usually have different finishing on their surfaces, which means our SERVPRO technicians have to choose an appropriate technique depending on the situation at hand. For instance, we may decide to use an air mover to blow dry air along the surface when we are dealing with walls with flat paint and a single layer of wallboard.

If the walls have multiple layers of wallboard or have vinyl wallpaper coverings, our SERVPRO technicians may consider drilling holes to enhance the flow of air into the cavities. Increasing the air flow into the small spaces speeds up drying since the rate of evaporation also increases. If necessary, we may warm wall surfaces using direct heat and introduce dehumidifiers at the site.

Some situations may force our SERVPRO technicians to remove the base of the baseboards and then drill holes into the wall around the floor level. When we do that, we may mark the base's top using a pencil. It helps us to avoid extensive repairs by only replacing the base, and we usually cover the holes using baseboards. If we are dealing with extensive moisture damage, we may decide to remove all wet insulation and wet wallboard.

SERVPRO of The Seacoast is a restoration industry leader that offers cleaning services, water, fire, mold, and storm damage restoration. Call us at (603) 433-4300 to benefit from our 24-hour emergency service.

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Storm Damage To Your Hampton Home Can Permit Flooding

7/5/2018 (Permalink)

There are many different types of severe weather systems that can cause damage to your Hampton home.

Storm Damage To Your Home Can Permit Flooding

There are many different types of severe weather systems that can cause damage to your Hampton home. Depending on the time of year, systems can roll in from the Atlantic, or sweep up or down across the northwest with an unmatched intensity. While flooding situations from rising water levels or oversaturated ground can continually be a threat through the rainier seasons, the kind of damage they can do to the inside of your home is often ushered in with physical damage to your roof and siding.

Damage to your roof and siding often occurs as a result of high winds and torrential rainfall combined. Hail and falling trees or other tall fixtures on your property can also attribute to damage significant enough to allow water to enter your house unabated. The resulting flood damage to your Hampton residence requires a rapid response from experienced professionals for both water removal and structural restoration.

Fortunately, our SERVPRO professionals have specific training in all manners of flood damage and how best to restore these effects. One of the initial steps in our process is to eliminate the possibility of the damage getting worse. This assurance gets accomplished by sealing up the penetration points by boarding them up, tarping over them, or with the application of hydraulic cement.

Removal of the water is the heart of flood restoration, and our SERVPRO professionals work quickly to eliminate all of the pooling water in the affected areas of your home. With portable sump pumps, wet-vacs with extraction wands, and even high volume pump trucks, our technicians fixate our efforts on preparing the area for the drying to come.

Drying is another critical component, and this is also accomplished in a multitude of ways. From air movers and dehumidifiers working on open areas to specialized equipment to eliminate moisture in wall cavities, above ceilings, and in the flooring material, thoroughly drying the area is essential to a successful restoration job.

While no homeowner gets fully prepared for witnessing flood damage affecting their home, having a professional restoration team that can respond quickly can make all of the difference. Our SERVPRO of The Seacoast technicians is available 24/7 by calling (603) 433-4300.

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Understanding the Factors Affecting Restoration of Your Hampton Home After Flood Damage

3/31/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding can be overwhelming to you and your family. Have SERVPRO on speed dial to arrive quickly after a storm and begin the drying process.

Team SERVPRO Has Drying Out Your Home After a Storm Down to a Science

Flood damage due to heavy rains, storms or any other natural cause can have a devastating impact on your Hampton home. The floodwater can enter your home and damage the aesthetics, even the structural integrity.

SERVPRO professionals can help you restore your flood-damaged Hampton home in no time. However, the success rate and the time required for the restoration depends on several factors. Our IICRC certified technicians use a multifaceted approach to eliminate the water and the residual moisture and prevent any significant damage to your home. Here are a few factors that affect the restorability of your home after a flood damage incidence.

The amount of flood water involved
One of the first factors dictating the restorability is the amount of water involved. Understandably, the more water involved, the more time it is going to take to remove it. It is crucial to remove the stagnant water from the property, but it is equally important to eliminate the excess residual moisture as well. SERVPRO professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to eliminate this moisture and prevent any secondary damage after a flood.

The standing water is removed using equipment called extractors. They are available in multiple sizes from truck-mounted to hand-held. The extractors pump out the liquid water in no time, but they can not eliminate the residual moisture from the air; that job is done by the dehumidifiers.

The dehumidifiers are equipment that can remove excess water vapor from the air. SERVPRO technicians use this equipment to dry the air and prevent secondary damage such as mold growth.

The humidity and temperature
Both the humidity and the temperature play a crucial role in the drying process. A combination of high temperature and a low humidity works the best for efficient drying. The ideal temperature to promote faster drying and hence faster restoration is around 70 to 80 degrees. The ideal humidity, on the other hand, is below 40%.
If both the temperature and humidity conditions are met, drying occurs at a faster rate and restoration takes less time.

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Hurricane Matthew

11/21/2016 (Permalink)

Two feet of water filled the downstairs of this apartment during Hurricane Matthew.

Our crews are finally coming home in time for Thanksgiving! They have been helping clean up in North Carolina after the mess Hurricane Matthew left behind.  This picture shows damage in an apartment building before we performed services. 

SERVPRO has the best Storm Team in the country, equipped to mobilize wherever disaster strikes. Our franchise is proud to play a part in helping people all over the nation in need of assistance.