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Water damage on the flood of bathroom

Portsmouth Storm Caused Sewage Backup

Groundwater can cause sewer and septic tank systems to backup into the house of a surprised Portsmouth couple. What to do? Call SERVPRO for a safe removal of the unpleasant debris and a thorough disinfecting of the bathroom and adjoining hallway. Call us to make you feel “Like it never even happened.”

removed flooring and boards after water damage

Storm Damage in Exeter

The groundwater rose above the crawlspace and saturated the building materials of this property with contaminated Black Water. SERVPRO wisely removed non-salvageable elements the began the drying and disinfecting treatments. We follow protocols for a safe and secure environment for our customers.

Flood cuts with air mover

Exeter Flood Cuts

When a burst water line floods the floor, and the liquid is soaked into the lower level of the sheetrock, SERVPRO techs can do a "flood cut." We can respond quickly to the flooding and mitigate the damage with precise and fast service.

Mold damage on the walls

Mold Remediation In Hampton

Trust Our Team After Damages

Our skilled specialists are ready to respond to your mold damage disaster 24/7. We will begin our remediation process right away and restore your Hampton home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of The Seacoast has the training, mold damage experience, and advanced equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Hampton Mold Remediation Needed

Mold infestations when left to proliferate in a Hampton home can cause not only extensive physical damage to the property but also potential health effects to the occupants. Rely on SERVPRO's AMRT technicians to remedy the situation with a controlled demolition.

Portsmouth Fire Place Mishap

SERVPRO suggests having your chimney and flue system checked before each cold winter arrives in our Portsmouth area of NH. If not, you may be calling us to clean up the fire damage left behind after the fire trucks have departed. We are here to help, just call us 24/7 to make your life a little bit better.

Water Damage In Exeter

Don't let water destroy your home call the experts at SERVPRO! We are locally owned and operated, ready 24/7, and Faster to Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO of The Seacoast has the specialized training, advanced equipment, and water damage experience to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Fire Damage – Portsmouth House

Fire damage at this Portsmouth house forced soot and smoke damage into every room of the house. The master bedroom is shown in the photo, and it only was affected by smoke staining and odors. There was no burning of cabinets or structural burning in this room. SERVPRO of The Seacoast industry certified technicians have the cleaning equipment and thermal fogging equipment to clean up this room “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Water Loss in Portsmouth

Sensitive equipment is encased in poly sheeting in this Portsmouth plant to increase the drying rate and decrease the chances of extensive water damage. SERVPRO technicians have experience, training, and equipment to overcome most obstacles and save our clients time and money.

Mold Damage – Portsmouth House

Mold damage developed at this Portsmouth house when the pictured wall absorbed water damage from the adjacent bathroom. SERVPRO of The Seacoast industry certified technicians are equipped with the latest procedures to clean up a mold infestation of this nature.

Storm and Rain Damage in Exeter

The open windows allowed a large volume of stormwater to soak the carpet and built-ins of this Exeter TV room. After SERVPRO techs remove the water, we can focus on using a heated air mover and flat-lay tubing to push water vapor to the outside of the Exeter property.

Water Damage In Exeter

SERVPRO of The Seacoast has you covered when it comes to water damage repair and restoration. Our crew is highly trained, and IICRC certified. We have the equipment and experience to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Exeter Water Damage in a Hotel

The leak from the bathroom in this building in Exeter resulted in water pooling on the commercial grade carpet in this corridor. SERVPRO technicians, when called quickly, can be unobtrusive to vacuum up the water, remove the vinyl baseboards, and dry out the wet hallway. With a calculated number of air movers and dehumidifiers, we can have the rooms available that evening.

Fire Damage – Portsmouth Condominium

Fire damage to this Portsmouth condominium was contained to one room of the dwelling, but the soot and smoke damage affected every room in the condo. You can see the handprints on the walls. Contracting with a professional firm such as SERVPRO of The Seacoast for cleanup can prevent staining which could occur if the wrong cleaning agents or procedures were used.

Mold Demolition and Remediation -- Hampton

Mold spores that develop into large colonies as shown on this Hampton home's wall lead to expensive and unnecessary demolition. It is far wiser to fix the leak and prevent massive patches from infesting this structure with unsavory indoor air quality. SERVPRO techs can handle the tear out and decontamination of the affected areas; both safely and successfully.

Portsmouth Stormy Mess

The flood-soaked the walls rendering them non-salvageable and this is when SERVPRO team members can make a controlled demolition to remove a lot of the moisture decreasing the overall drying time. Portsmouth homeowners often call us to help because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Exeter

When your office floor is covered in water, there is only one team to call, and that is to the team at SERVPRO. Our professionals will work quickly to get your business back up and running. SERVPRO of The Seacoast has the personnel, equipment, training, and experience to restore your commercial property to pre-damage condition.

Portsmouth Water Leak Damage

Pressurized water supply lines that rupture can inflict significant damage on building materials in Portsmouth ceilings in short time. SERVPRO technicians can clean up and dispose of the non-salvageable that pose a safety hazard before beginning the drying process.

Mold Removal In Exeter

If mold is growing on your property, you need the help of a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. Our specialists know mold can spread quickly and our team is ready to take your call 24/7. SERVPRO of The Seacoast has the personnel, training, and equipment needed to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Exeter Fire Cleanup

The flames and heat from a fire in Exeter can not only char the interior belongings and building materials but also bust out windows and expose the home to outside elements. These can be inclement weather, vermin, and curious folks. SERVPRO can help secure the property, and then begin the cleanup and restoration after a damaging fire event.

Hampton Wind Storm Damage

Severe winds that fell trees can cause tremendous damage to homes in the Hampton area of New Hampshire. SERVPRO, if called in, can relieve the stress on the structure with cutting and place a tarp over the exposed area until the repairs can be done.

Water Damage – Exeter Office

Water damage struck this Exeter office when a storm damaged the roof allowing rainwater to flow freely into the interior of the structure. In addition to the roof damage, there was a lot of soaked insulation. Some ceiling tiles became too heavy for their structure to hold them up. They fell to the floor. SERVPRO of The Seacoast is available 24/7 to clean up any size water disaster.

Office Ceiling and Water Damage--Exeter

When water leakage causes the ceiling to stain, and the compound tape gives way, it is time to call in SERVPRO to tear out the water damaged material in this Exeter office. Safety first and foremost.

Storm Damage In Hampton

After a storm, you need to contact the storm damage specialists at SERVPRO for assistance. The IICRC certifies our specialists, and they have years of hands-on experience dealing with storm damage cleanup and restoration. We have the state-of-the-art equipment to restore your property to pre-damage condition. Our team at SERVPRO of The Seacoast will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Exeter Mold Problem

The leak from the next room water heated wicked into the walls and the dormant mold spores took over from there in this Exeter house. A partial demolition to remove the drywall is required. SERVPRO has techs with plenty of experience to remediate this mold problem.

Fire Damage Repair In Exeter

Fire damage repair and restoration is a complicated task that should be left to a professional restoration company like SERVPRO of The Seacoast. A fire can happen anytime day or night, and that is why our team offers 24-hour emergency service to our customers. Our fire restoration technicians have the training, experience, and equipment to restore your property to pre-damage condition. You can trust our team to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Storm Damage – Portsmouth School

Storm Damage created flooding conditions within this Portsmouth school. SERVPRO of The Seacoast would use truck mounted water extraction equipment to clean up the water. Commercial air movers and dehumidifiers would be set up to complete the drying phase of the project.

Commercial Fire Damage – Portsmouth

Commercial fire damage in Portsmouth usually leaves behind the unwanted noxious smoke odor associated with fires. After the fire is extinguished and fire damage restoration has been completed the smoke odor needs to be dealt with. Pictured is a hydroxyl generator that can be used while allowing the staff of the affected offices to carry out their tasks. This is possible since the hydroxyl generator uses no ozone to accomplish its task.

Portsmouth Mold Remediation

The ruined by mold wall in this Portsmouth home needed professionally remediation to restore a safe environment. Ignoring an obvious mold infestation leads to increased costs and disruptions to the homeowner. Need help? Call SERVPRO

Water Drying in a Hampton Basement

The unit encased in the poly sheeting held sensitive electronic equipment that needed a rapid drying. This Hampton house suffered a small, spritzing leak from the adjacent sink wetting the device. Our SERVPRO experts rigged a fast-drying solution to save our client a lot of money.

Hampton House Fire

The heat from this short-lived fire blew out the glass door panels in this Hampton home. SERVPRO boarded up the exposed entry to prevent animals and curiosity seekers from entering the premises. Then the cleanup and smoke odor removal could begin.

Mold Damaged Kitchen in Portsmouth

The gutted wall, after the removal of the cabinets, readied the mold infested Portsmouth kitchen, with remediation. The SERVPRO techs dried out the excess moisture before spraying an antifungal chemical into the wall cavity. When left unheeded, dripping water causes these types of mold problems.

Great Lakes Naval Base Flood Damage Cleanup

Our crew just finished up cleaning and drying 16 buildings of the Great Lakes Naval Base after weeks of catastrophic rain/flooding. With our latest technology and manpower, we were able to restore this base back to pre-damage condition. At SERVPRO of The Seacoast, we have the equipment, highly trained staff, and expertise to handle your commercial water or flood damage. We are always here to help!

The Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey left a path of devastation in its wake. Advanced Auto Store contacted SERVPRO of The Seacoast for assistance. We will be servicing any or all of their 85 store locations and 2 distribution centers that were affected by the storm. Our Disaster Recovery Team is ready to assist in any way and restore their property to pre-damage condition.

Exeter Fire Ravaged Property

The charred effects of a devastating fire in an Exeter home required a major clean up to secure a safe environment for the family. SERVPRO techs set up hydroxyl generators to clarify the ambient air and boarded up exposure to the outside to prevent further damage from water or vermin.

Portsmouth Water Damaged Wall

The peeling latex paint revealed the leaky pipe in the overhead water line. The Portsmouth homeowner called us to clean up the damage. His plumber had already fixed the leak, so our chore was to removed the water damaged drywall, dry and sanitize the exposed wall cavity, and rebuild the area. "Like it never even happened."