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Infrared Cameras Aid In Commercial Flood Damage Restoration In Portsmouth

9/13/2021 (Permalink)

an infrared camera examining the ceiling Team SERVPRO has the certified technicians and the latest thermal detection equipment to tackle your commercial flood damage situation. Call now.

Let SERVPRO Show You the Ropes When it Comes to Your Portsmouth Commercial Flood Damage

If Mother Nature ever decides to wreak havoc on your office building in Portsmouth by sending a vicious storm your way, rainwater could get into many places inside your structure. Whenever our SERVPRO team conducts commercial flood damage mitigation procedures, we know that half the battle is finding what got wet. If water enters your office complex from the ground up, many of your building materials like your subfloor or wall studs can retain moisture.

Wet structural components can be hidden behind carpet or wall coverings. When conducting commercial flood damage mitigation in Portsmouth, our SERVPRO technicians use advanced technology and specialized tools to determine where the moisture went once it entered your office complex after the storm. We can use a wide variety of different moisture sensors and meters to detect the presence of water in drywall, wood, or carpet. However, certain areas could be wet that might be difficult to test using penetrating meters.

Especially when dealing with storm-related problems at your office building, an infrared camera can come in handy during the inspection process. Thermal imaging with these cameras can help us find where the rainwater could have gone. The camera works by showing the temperature of surfaces in different colors for hotter and colder materials.

Storms Bring Moisture

Thermal imaging can enable us to find wet materials by showing us temperature changes. When moisture contacts a surface, the temperature often changes and remains different from unaffected areas. When water evaporates from a wet surface, the temperature of the material drops. Water can also hold thermal energy longer than dry surfaces, so wet surfaces could also be warmer than other dry materials.

Unlike moisture meters, infrared cameras do not cause any destruction to your office complex because it eliminates the need to puncture holes for probes. Thermal imaging is also useful when detecting difficult areas such as high, hard to reach ceilings. Using thermography also allows our SERVPRO crew to detect moisture contents in more areas of your office in a shorter amount of time.

If your office building in Portsmouth, Hampton, or Greenland ever suffers after a severe storm, call SERVPRO of The Seacoast at (603) 433-4300. We can return your office complex to the way it was before the storm struck, "Like it never even happened."

Portsmouth Property Owners Benefit from SERVPRO's Advice for Mold Prevention

9/6/2021 (Permalink)

mold growth on the wall in a house When your home is affected by a mold infestation, time is not on your side. Before the mold spreads, contact SERVPRO to investigate and remediate.

Why SERVPRO's Experience in Preventing Mold Damage Helps Homeowners in Portsmouth

When molds and their microscopic spores settle on the surfaces inside a home in Portsmouth, a few different things can happen. They can come into contact with a dry surface and eventually end up on the floor where regular housekeeping chores eliminate them. They also might land on a moist surface and start a small colony of actively growing microbes.

Why SERVPRO technicians take small colonies seriously upon finding them in an Portsmouth home is because mold damage happens quickly, spreads rapidly, and can also cause health effects in occupants. We want all of our neighbors to live in a home free of excessive mold, and one way to do this is through mold remediation.

Mold Remediation

Our services are thorough and based on honesty. We explain to customers that we cannot eliminate all mold and spores inside their homes. Doing so is not possible for different reasons. One reason is that mold and spores exist everywhere, including the fresh, clean air from the outside. This air pushes mold and spores into your home continuously. One of the most heavily infested areas of a home includes the window sills of opened and partially opened windows. Your clothing also carries microbes into your dwelling. Pets are also guilty of doing the same.

The main culprit in houses that suffer from mold damage is not the microbial population itself. Instead, the reason behind such problems is the presence of uncontained water. Our remediation team uses state of the art technology to detect unknown sources of water and moisture and to determine how widespread these areas range. Our moisture meters reveal how saturated any material in question is, giving us a reasonably accurate idea of how long drying the area might take.

Following lost water back to its source allows us to remedy the problem with a quick repair. These simple repairs keep the area dry and less prone to future colonization by microbes. Reducing, or where possible, eliminating, water and moisture also take care of many mold problems before they can reoccur. For fungal infestations that are persistent, we suggest to the homeowner to seek a contractor for this service.

Merely eliminating the damage caused by mold is only part of SERVPRO's mold damage mitigation and remediation services. We also treat affected areas with an antimicrobial liquid to prevent future regrowth. Educating our customers on how mold and other microbes behave can also help avoid situations that permit microbial reinfestation.

SERVPRO of The Seacoast helps customers successfully cope with mold damage in their homes. Call us at (603) 433-4300. We are always ready to help you by answering questions and providing you with expert guidance.

Can Attachments Make Water Removal in Portsmouth Home More Efficient?

8/29/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded bathroom with items floating everywhere Regardless of the room affected, team SERVPRO has the right tools for effective water removal. Call us immediately to assess and remediate for you.

Tools in Our Recovery Inventory Promote Effective Mitigation for Water-damaged Portsmouth Properties.

With the promise that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, it is vital for our SERVPRO team to stay diligently prepared to help when disasters strike. Keeping READY trailers stocked with extraction, drying, and water cleanup tools makes the process faster.

Extraction Devices to Manage Considerable Standing Water

Water removal for Portsmouth homes and businesses can be a stressful situation without immediate mitigation and emergency services getting underway. An evaluation of the property determines the best equipment for the task. There are several tools used for efficient elimination of surface water concerns, including:

  • Wet Vacuums – One of the most versatile mitigation tools in our inventory is the wet vacuum. With the portability of these units, we can manage standing water concerns and trapped moisture with the appropriate wand attachments.
  • Carpet Wands – These units are ideal for extracting water trapped in carpeting in the early stages of restoration. These attachments also help to manage lingering moisture after deep extraction tools are used. Their small size makes them preferred for removing water from less accessible areas. 
  • Squeegee Wands – These attachments are ideal for hardwood surfaces, tile, concrete, and other low porosity materials. When attached to truck-mount extractors, these squeegee tools can corral water into an on-board vacuum system.

The versatility of recovery tools and extraction devices can help our professionals provide a range of mitigation solutions for damaged properties. Attachments and tools used in conjunction with machines like wet vacuums and truck extractors can help to eliminate surface water on various types of flooring. Our SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham water restoration professionals are ready to respond fast when you call (603) 433-4300.

How to Conveniently Handle a Fire Damage Disaster in Portsmouth

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

Home on fire After your home suffers a fire, call our fire professionals for assistance with remediation services right away.

Knowing the Options After Your Home Faces a Fire Gets You Top Notch Remediation Results

It is wrong to think that scrubbing the soot off the walls and cleaning the floors is all you need after a fire damage incident. There are hazardous materials that result from such challenges which need removal services and other contents that require an inspection to determine whether they are salvageable. That is why we advise Portsmouth residents to work with professionals in the restoration industry to prevent avoidable mistakes. 

Given that fire damage disasters in Portsmouth are unpredictable, you need to know your options. We recommend that you immediately contact a certified restorer like SERVPRO. Further damage is preventable by calling a professional as soon as the disaster strikes, and that means most of your contents at that point are salvageable. 

Fire and Soot Damage Restoration and Cleanup

The soot deposits that you usually see on the walls after a fire never tell the entire story. When left unattended, they can penetrate the walls and make the metal reinforcements corrode. When that happens, the structural integrity of a premise is under question, and it is something that our SERVPRO technicians can work to prevent. 

If there is still some considerable heat on your property and we still have to do the cleaning, we know the right cleaning products to use in such a situation. While in some cases, the heat can increase the rate of the chemical reaction and thus enhance the cleaning process, that is not always the case. Different cleaning products are efficient at specific temperatures, and we remember that when restoring your property. 

After a fire, smoke residues may mix with fluids and lead to the formation of odors. While some sources of the smells are easy to trace, they can be hard to locate others. Our SERVPRO technicians first identify the causes of the odors and then perform deodorization to neutralize the unpleasant smells. Our restoration process follows the regulations of the state and is approved by IICRC. 

SERVPRO of The Seacoast responds fast to all storm, mold, fire, and water damage disasters. Call us at (603) 433-4300 and be served by an industry leader. 

Dealing with Damaged Inventory from a Flood Damage Situation in Exeter

8/6/2021 (Permalink)

Check list SERVPRO can help with your damaged inventory after a water mishap.

Rely on SERVPRO to Mitigate Storm Damage

Inventory management is an essential task for any store that sells goods in Exeter. A proper inventory management system monitors sales, generates reports about the stock on hand, and schedules replenishment of products. A storm, sudden or not, can lead to damaged inventory due to the flood damage incurred. When this happens, you should adjust your books to reflect the shrinkage and then call a good restoration company to assess and remedy the situation. 

If a storm has hit your warehouse or store, you may sustain considerable inventory destruction that can compromise your business. When this happens, SERVPRO can send a team of flood removal experts to Exeter for assessing the situation and restoring your property. We follow IICRC guidelines in every emergency, thus ensuring a smooth and efficient restoration process. 

How Flood Damage Affects Inventory

Inventory loss occurs when the stock count is less than the original number that the business carries on its books. While some flood damage situations can ruin merchandise beyond repair, SERVPRO can salvage particular property most of the time. One way you can reduce damage to your inventory is by protecting your stock from flood damage beforehand. This involves conducting periodic inspections of your store and then repairing it as needed. Ask us about our ERP Program, the Emergency READY Profile Plan.

Flood damage caused by a storm is considered a casualty. SERVPRO can help you sort out the damaged items from your inventory without adjusting the value of goods sold. We can also perform tasks such as document restoration (with a freeze-drying process called lyophilization) and water damage repair, which are essential for the continuity of your business. 

Our catalog includes water removal from walls, furniture, ceilings, sub-floors, ducts, and carpets. We have specialized moisture detection equipment that can come in handy in areas where standing water is not immediately visible. If the water remains unattended for too long, SERVPRO has a team of mold remediation experts who can treat the mold growth that is bound to occur. 

As a long-term member of your community, SERVPRO of The Seacoast offers 24/7 commercial flood damage services and is ready to respond to your emergency anytime. Call us at (603) 433-4300.

Does SERVPRO Offer Water Restoration in Portsmouth?

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo When you need assistance with water damage remediation, call the expert technicians at SERVPRO right away!

SERVPRO Provides Water Restoration to Companies in Portsmouth!

Water leaking from plumbing, water heaters, and even condensation around air conditioning units can cause a great deal of damage to the structure and flooring materials if it is not cleaned up quickly. Water seeps into every nook and cranny, between hardwood flooring planks and into porous materials such as drywall and laminated wood products.

SERVPRO does offer water restoration to Portsmouth companies and consumers. Our fast response of fewer than four hours aims to limit the damage that water can cause and return company operations to normal as fast as possible. Preventing water absorption by semi-porous and porous materials can reduce a great deal of damage and get you back in business rapidly.

Our drying floor mats withdraw water from hardwood floors before they absorb moisture, swell and begin to buckle. We use vacuum wands to remove water from hard-to-reach areas to prevent mold growth. And we use weighted extractors on carpets and under padding to remove moisture before installing large fans and dehumidifiers to dry the space and return humidity levels to normal.

SERVPRO provides the following services to companies and consumers:

  • Water removal, drying, and restoration services
  • Restoration caused by burst pipes and ceiling leaks
  • Fast response to mitigate the damage and prevent mold contamination

Call SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham for water restoration companies in Portsmouth and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (603) 433-4300.

Restoring Flood Damage in Exeter

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged parquet flooring Water can damaged wood and parquet flooring in your Exeter home--Call SERVPRO to mitigate the storm damaged flooring

The Effects of Flooding on Your Floors and Subfloors

Flooding costs in Exeter and the rest of New Hampshire run into millions of dollars each year. It grows worse when homeowners ignore the effects until they feel floors give under their feet or they can see the colors bleeding from their carpets.

That is why Exeter flood damage, or anywhere else, always begins underfoot. Wood floors start to warp and buckle in only several days. SERVPRO technicians prevent this by removing standing water quickly and drawing moisture trapped in the floorboards. If we do not, the wood damage is only the beginning. The sub-floor under floorboards and carpets is a perfect environment for mold spores to expand and grow.

Flood Damage Clean Up

When flood damage does happen, SERVPRO restoration teams have to remove the wood flooring and take care to prevent spreading any mold spores onto other property or into rooms not already contaminated. If there are undamaged pieces, team members attempt to remove them without causing secondary damage. If there is enough to make it feasible to the homeowner, we reuse it in areas along walls to hide it under floor trim or furniture.

Now, we examine the sub-floor. Damage from water and mold is usually minimal, so we typically accomplish this part of the job in just a few days. If the damage is more than minimal, then removing it could take over a week. In extreme cases, it is quicker and cheaper to remove the entire sub-floor immediately and replace it than spend time trying to save a small amount of wood. We may have to bring in jacks and screws for extra wall support if this happens until we lay in the new sub-floor. Technicians work quickly but take the time needed to do it right.

If the subfloor is not level, then the wood floor we install on top starts off already buckled and with other problems. Putting in a new wood floor is simpler by comparison. We check our lines and joints carefully with each board to prevent gaps and carefully use sanders to ensure a completely level surface.

Restoring your home after a flood is a complicated process, but SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham has the training, tools, and experience to put it back together. For more information on how we can help you and your home, call us today at (603) 433-4300.

What Is Soot and Why Does It Form after Fire Damage to Portsmouth Homes?

7/7/2021 (Permalink)

dirty palms with carbonized soot Keep your hands clean and let SERVPRO cleanup and restore your Portsmouth fire damaged home

Clean-Up from Fire & Smoke Damage Calls for Professional Help

Dealing with soot is one of the most time-consuming parts of fire damage restoration. Residue quickly settles on surfaces after fire damage, and the cleanup is a genuine struggle for homeowners in Portsmouth who are dealing with the aftermath. However, what is soot, why does it form after the fire?

Soot Damage

Soot is the fine brown or black powder that clings to and discolors surfaces in the home after fire damage in Portsmouth. Soot is what gives items that charred and blackened look. Smoke is a by-product of the incomplete combustion of materials; as wood, paper, plastic, and other materials burn during a house fire, they produce residues and release particles into the atmosphere.

The composition of soot makes it slightly sticky, which means it clings to surfaces and is difficult to remove. As well as looking unsightly, this residue reduces air quality, and a smoke-damaged house does not feel like a home. SERVPRO is on hand to help with fire damage cleanup and restore your home “Like it never even happened.”

Whether or not an item is salvageable after smoke damage depends on how porous the material is. It is far harder to clean residue from a weathered and aged wooden table than to clean it from a smooth glass or polished metal surface.

Trained Fire Damage Restoration Technicians

Our IICRC-certified technicians arrive ready to thoroughly assess your property and devise the best cleaning plan for you. We advise you on which items are salvageable from soot damage and which are not. SERVPRO trains our technicians in a range of cleaning techniques and equips them with everything they need to scrub, scrape, and wipe soot from the surfaces in your home.

After cleaning, we set to work deodorizing your home as well. We understand that it is hard to settle back into your house when it smells of smoke. We have thermal foggers, ozone generators, and air scrubbers on hand to rid your home of smoky smells and leave it fresh once more.

For help with soot and smells in Portsmouth, Exeter, Hampton, Greenland, and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham at (603) 433-4300 today.

Do Cabinets Have to Get Removed for Water Removal in Portsmouth Homes?

6/19/2021 (Permalink)

leak in base cabinet with mold SERVPRO can restore this water damaged kitchen sink base cabinet in Portsmouth without demolition

SERVPRO Techs Perform Water Cleanup with as Little Disruption as Possible

There are two rooms in a Portsmouth home most likely to receive water damage: the bathroom and the kitchen. Coincidentally, both of these rooms usually have cabinets and the same issues when the house needs water cleanup services.

When SERVPRO techs handle water removal in Portsmouth properties, the goal is always to limit disruptions to the home and get the job completed promptly, including leaving structural elements in place such as vanities and cabinets.

Tracking the water damage path within a Portsmouth property is a crucial part of limiting the number of items that require removal during water damage cleanup services. SERVPRO technicians use a myriad of devices and techniques to locate and remove the water in a home. Upon removing the toe kick at the bottom of a cabinet or vanity, the techs can use their detection equipment to determine the moisture level present and if seepage into the subfloor under the cabinet has occurred.

Examples of Water Removal Techniques

  • Use of attachments on equipment to get under cabinets when possible
  • Drilling weep holes to drain walls that have wicked moisture
  • Use of controlled demo when needed to stop the deterioration of an entire wall or ceiling

SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham at (603) 433-4300 serves the Portsmouth community for all types and sizes of water removal needs.

Destination Dining Plans Saved By Speedy SERVPRO Water Removal

6/9/2021 (Permalink)

a set table at a restaurant Facing commercial water damage? Team SERVPRO can help with water removal equipment and certified technicians to tackle the job.

Our Technicians Arrive Quickly to Tackle Drying Out Your Property After a Flooding Event

Quaint and imbued with decades of dining memories, fine restaurants housed in historic Hampton buildings are precious to their owners, the staff who work in them, and the loyal clientele who arrive for anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. A significant water event can place all three groups of individuals in peril of losing a treasure. Our crews are up to the task of remediating the water.

The strain of a hundred years of freshwater flow finally breaks a vital pipe in your restaurant, pouring gallons upon gallons of water into your kitchen and food storage areas. Immediate commercial water removal in Hampton is essential to the continuation of your business, run for more than a century by your family. Our locally owned restoration company appreciates the severity of this crisis and responds as soon as possible.

You limit the damage by shutting off the water flow before we arrive to do a thorough assessment and begin the work of water removal and structural drying. Because many appliances in your kitchen are wired, power may be shut off. This is not a problem as SERVPRO’s submersible pumps and water extractors are truck mounted. Our technicians commence pumping and extraction operations while other workers take moisture measurements and use scanning technology to locate any hidden pockets of water.

Resolving the trapped water issue is crucial as if left in this warm and high-nutrient environment, mold could become a problem in as little as 48 hours. We work quickly and steadily to make water removal the primary task by minimizing the secondary damage that typically arises when water stands. SERVPRO managers also work with you, the city inspectors, and the insurance company to ensure that the restaurant is running again as soon as possible.

An intense session with industrial-sized air movers and desiccant dehumidifiers reduces the moisture in the structure to normal levels. Only stone and tile floors were affected, meaning no carpet or rug remediation was necessary. Working as a team, SERVPRO and your staff look forward to welcoming diners again for their special events and romantic dinners.

SERVPRO of The Seacoast is a committed member of our community, ready to assist with any water emergency. Call our staff at (603) 433-4300 immediately after a crisis to schedule an assessment.