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How Do I Remove Water from Different Flooring Types?

5/28/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged hardwood floor being removed Water quickly damages flooring materials. Depending upon the scope of damage, sometimes the floor can be salvaged.

SERVPRO has the Knowledge for Flooring Restoration After Portsmouth Water Loss Events

Your Portsmouth home has many different flooring types, and our SERVPRO professionals have different tools and equipment that can help to restore these after water losses. Many materials compose the construction of your home's flooring, walls, and ceiling systems. Different strategies are necessary to remove water and moisture from these structural elements because so many materials make up your Portsmouth home. Our team of professionals has extensive training and experience to provide the ideal approach for whatever wet surface we encounter. 

Recognizing what tools are best for actions like water removal in Portsmouth homes gets determined during the initial evaluation and damage assessment. Scoping the job is a process where our project manager and crew chief work with the customer to identify preloss conditions and pre-existing conditions so that we can return the property to its original state as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. 

Can You Remove Water from Carpeting?  

In areas like your living room and bedrooms, carpeting is one of the typical flooring types encountered in area homes. When migrating water reaches the fibers of carpeted floors, this moisture can get quickly absorbed. It is critical to remove water from carpeting as soon as possible so that moisture does not penetrate the padding and, eventually, the subflooring material. When reconstruction is necessary, the cost of recovery amplifies. Some of the water removal tools and practices for carpeted floors include: 

  • Carpet Wands – Wands are fierce attachments for wet vacuums and extractors that can pull water from the surface layer and the padding of carpeted floors. These tools are wise choices when the padding is getting replaced. 
  • Weighted Extractors – Stand on and ride on extraction tools can force the surface layer of carpeting and the padding together against the subflooring. This action forces moisture to the surface for an onboard vacuum to remove. 
  • Floating Practices – By placing a centrifugal air mover between the top and padding layers of carpeted floors, we can dry both of these materials simultaneously in a floating process. 

Is Wood Flooring Salvageable After Water Damage?  

The composition of wood surfaces, especially flooring, makes it a sensitive material to standing surface water. Absorption can happen quickly, which can be disastrous if the water does not get removed quickly. Within as little as 48 hours, saturation can reach the point where it begins to warp and distort wood planks, leaving no option but removal and replacement. Some of the approaches for drying wood floors include: 

  • Air movers
  • Drying Mat System
  • Tenting 

Does Standing Water Damage Tile?  

Many homeowners believe that tile flooring is impenetrable, even to standing water in Portsmouth. While it is far more difficult for water to breach even the grout joints between floor tile, a small opening or breach in this water-tight seal can allow penetration to the mortar bed and subflooring material. The water beneath tiling can be destructive and hard to detect initially. Our SERVPRO team can address potential concerns with a simple three-step formula for removing water: 

  • Extraction – We cannot determine the damage that standing water has done in areas like the kitchen or bathroom until we have removed it. There are multiple extractors, but often wet vacuums and electric submersible pumps are the common implements. 
  • Surface Moisture Meter – With pooling water addressed, our technicians can work to determine the damage to tile flooring and other exposed materials. Finding moisture pockets often falls to a surface moisture meter device or probing tool to identify if damp areas exist beneath the top layer. 
  • Drying Mats – If pockets of moisture get detected with thermal imagery and surface meters, we can lay drying mats to slowly draw moisture from the mortar bed and subflooring materials to preserve and protect these areas. 

Does SERVPRO Replace Flooring?  

We can offer effective solutions for extraction and drying after a full-service restoration and recovery team after a water loss incident. While we strive to restore before replacing, this is not always possible. We have a full team of licensed residential contractors that can repair and reinstall flooring materials that required discarding from water damages. In this way, we can seamlessly transition between mitigation and repairs to get you back to normal life as soon as possible. 

While you might not be able to avoid water loss incidents, you can choose the team that oversees your property's restoration and recovery. No matter what materials become affected by water exposure, our SERVPRO of The Seacoast team can help. Contact us today at (603) 433-4300.

Help Protect The Seacoast Community with SERVPRO

5/24/2020 (Permalink)

green gloved hand spraying  liquid out of a blue bottle onto a countertop SERVPRO cleans homes using EPA-registered disinfectants.

SERVPRO is here to help the Seacoast area!

Like the rest of the nation and much of the world, the Portsmouth area is in high alert due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is strange to think that in just a couple of weeks, we went from our regular lives to maintaining social distance and working from home, but Governor Sununu has been clear. We must take every step to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Children, adults, and the elderly are all vulnerable to contracting COVID-19, so we must do our best to keep it away from our homes.

Residents can reach out to our SERVPRO crew to help disinfect your Portsmouth home or workplace. Contrary to other companies offering cleaning or disinfection services, it’s something we are trained and certified to do.  We have been we offer cleaning and sanitizing services for years. Our staff trains specifically to address cleanup situations with biohazard threats.

To date, there is no specific protocol proven to eradicate the virus from frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, kitchen counters, and bathrooms. However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is encouraging the use of hospital-grade, EPA registered disinfectants typically used to remove certain pathogens. Our standards of service include the use of EPA registered cleaning solutions suitable for this kind of work. As the CDC releases new recommendations, we adapt and apply them as appropriate.

In your home, you get to decide what you do to protect your family in this crisis. However, some entities, such as schools and nursing homes, require a third party to verify the effectiveness of the cleanup process. SERVPRO is prepared to coordinate services with any relevant entities as required. Our technicians are professionals in our field and accustomed to high-stakes situations, so dealing with potentially hazardous microbes is nothing new for us.

SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham are your resources at home and work. Call us at (603) 433-4300 and let us add a layer of protection for your loved ones.

Advice from the medical and scientific community regarding how to deal with the coronavirus is based on present knowledge, which is subject to change as the situation continues to develop. There can be no assurance that disinfectants alone will be adequate to fully eliminate the virus. We are not physicians or infectious disease professionals. Consult your medical professionals for individual medical advice.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned – a defensive cleaning program

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

Table tent signs describing the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program on top of a wooden table. Our defensive cleaning program gives your business a way forward by providing your employees and customers ongoing safety and assuredness.

Let us help you get back to business

As our communities re-open in Portsmouth, we’re all moving back toward a new kind of normal. The expectations of visitors, customers, and employees who come into our establishments have evolved, and staying safe and well is a top concern. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed what it means to be clean, and we’ve developed a program to help your business meet the new higher standard of clean that is now expected.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program we’re offering to businesses and commercial locations to address the current COVID-19 pandemic. This proactive viral pathogen cleaning program goes well beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning. By choosing Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you, your employees, your customers, and your community can rest assured that you’ve selected a higher cleaning standard – you are Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Extensive training and specialized products

As the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration*, we stand on more than 50 years of experience and expertise to help your business become Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.  Beyond fire & water, SERVPRO professionals are trained and experienced in biohazard decontamination and chemical spills – always adhering to the cleaning and decontamination standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local authorities. 

From formulating and creating our proprietary cleaning products, like SERVPROXIDE, at our headquarters in Gallatin, TN, to taking the utmost care while disinfecting, we will ensure you and your business are set up to inspire consumer confidence as the economy continues to reopen.

3 C’s – Consult, Clean, and Certify

When the stakes are this high, you want a partner who has developed an industry leading, proprietary training program, cleaning solutions, and remediation processes over decades. We’ve cleaned up some of the most challenging biohazards imaginable. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned reflects our unique experiences and capabilities. The program is grounded with our unique 3 C’s: Consult, Clean, and Certify.

  • Consult – Every business is different, which is why you’ll be assigned a Cleaning Protocol Consultant who understands your business and will create a cleaning program to meet your specific needs. This program will be developed based on your business type, size of space, amount of high frequency touchpoints, foot traffic and congestion points.
  • Clean – Based on your specific business needs, your location will undergo a thorough, deep clean, using exclusive cleaning products, according to protocols set forth by the CDC. Our employees have years of experience, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform. Cleanup procedures generally include cleaning of porous and non-porous surfaces, disinfecting of non-porous surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, tools, and/or supplies used for cleanup process, and disposal of hazardous materials.  In the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 event, we will be there cleaning within 24 hours to ensure you get back to business as quickly as possible. 
  • Certify - Once your business location has been Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you will gain access to proprietary signage, digital emblems, and other collateral that communicates that you’ve selected a higher standard of clean available to help protect your employees and customers. And because we add the day, month, and year to that proprietary stamp of clean, your guests will know that not only did you choose Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, but that your location is being cleaned regularly at this standard.

Call today for a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation

We’re Here to Help – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – until life is back to normal in the communities we all call home.

Call SERVPRO of The Seacoast today at (603) 433-4300 for your Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation.

* #1 Choice in cleanup & restoration based Commercial Attitude & Usage Tracking study. Polling 816 commercial business decision makers on first choice for future needs related to cleanup & restoration work. Study conducted by C&R Research: October 2019

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned means professionally trained SERVPRO franchises perform the requested cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services according to proprietary SERVPRO protocols and recognized industry and CDC standards with EPA approved cleaning products to deliver a SERVPRO certified cleaning experience.  Each SERVPRO franchise is independently owned and operated.

Where Can I Find Portsmouth Water Cleanup Services?

5/14/2020 (Permalink)

A white laundry room with a folding table and iron. SERVPRO will be there Portsmouth, no matter where the water damage is located.

Call SERVPRO of The Seacoast Today For Expert Water Cleanup Services!

Owning a home in Portsmouth comes with many responsibilities, including reaching out for water cleanup services when a significant spill occurs. Now that spring is here, many people have found that some of the pipes in their homes didn't survive the winter. Imagine yourself in this situation. Picture a pipe just broke in your basement laundry room. What would you do? 

Immediately reaching out for local Portsmouth water cleanup services could save your home exponential costs and further damages. You may think that with some hard labor, and a wet/dry vacuum, you could clean the water up yourself. It is not impossible, but time is essential to factor into your calculations. The longer that water damage sits addressed, the more problems it can cause for you. 

What Can Standing Water Do to My Basement Laundry room?  

Many people own unfinished basements. However, unfinished does not mean unmanageable. Unaddressed water could cause: 

  • Calcium deposits to rise from the concrete floor and efflorescence
  • Mold growth due to activated spores
  • Damage to the framework and insulation of your home

Leaving water to its own devices for any amount of time is unwise. The best thing you can do for the longevity of your home is to reach out for professional help. 

How Can SERVPRO's Services Help Me? 

Here at SERVPRO, we have entire teams of water damage restoration technicians ready to help you. Furthermore, we can: 

  • Quickly travel to your home at any time, on any day
  • Use advanced technology to clean up and reduce moisture levels in your home 
  • Help you take inventory of your belongings and file insurance claims 

Here at SERVPRO, we believe in helping you. 

If you feel like your home might need water cleanup services, get help right now! Communicate with SERVPRO of The Seacoast by dialing (603) 433-4300. We're open and here for you. 

To find out more about Portsmouth, click here.

How Can I Remove Salt Water From My Portsmouth Home?

5/10/2020 (Permalink)

house with furniture out of place and walls peeling from flood damage When flood damage occurs in your home it can be hard to take care of. Contact SERVPRO to remediate the damages.

Salt Water Removal In Portsmouth is a Job for a Professional Service

Living close to the water is idyllic. Whether you enjoy swimming, the seashore, or life on a yacht, the calming effect a body of water can have on your soul is like nothing else. Recent weather events teach us that we are vulnerable to the elements, and a rise in water levels can cause saltwater to reach your home.

When you live in Portsmouth, and you face flood damage, you must call a professional service to assist you in the restoration process. Saltwater can seep into your crawl space and other areas of your home, causing corrosion and weakening of structural elements. Anticipate and resolve damaging consequences by reaching out to SERVPRO as soon as the emergency happens. Our team is available 24/7 to meet your needs.

Is saltwater flooding different from freshwater?

Flooding in your home can be devastating, regardless of its source. Ocean water adds a layer of complexity due to its salty nature, which can be corrosive to your home. Your furniture, paint, flooring, and the foundation of your home may suffer as a result of the water. Our professional services at SERVPRO can help you address the needs of each area of your home by taking a targeted approach to the restoration and cleanup.

Many of our customers are surprised to find out that a thorough restoration process requires much more than extracting water. It is a continuous evaluation of humidity levels and gradual extraction of water accompanied by ancillary services focused on restoring the contents of your home. Through this period, our crew at SERVPRO can take action such as-

  • Isolating essential documents and prepare them for freeze-drying or other document preservation processes.
  • Removing carpet and other porous surfaces that pose a threat to the overall health of your family.
  • Pumping water from your home using varying sizes of pumps and extractors and observing environmental recommendations and regulations.

For a full evaluation and action plan, SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham are at your service. Call us at (603) 433-4300 and let us work for you. Our goal, like yours, is to leave your home, "Like it never even happened." 

Learn more about Portsmouth here.

How do I clean my house after flood damage in Portsmouth?

4/28/2020 (Permalink)

"We can help" Storm damage in your Portsmouth home? Don’t let moisture take over, call SERVPRO right away.

Flood damage cleaning is a multistep process, and SERVPRO can help with skills and other resources

When your Portsmouth home floods, you have to address a wide range of problems, including deep soiling, contamination, and bad odor to restore the home to its pre-loss condition. Even from casual observation, you are likely to identify several problems that need immediate attention, whether it is your expensive upholstered furniture submerged in filthy water, appliances filled with murky water, or layers of mud or silt inside your house. Although the ultimate goal is to address all the issues, deciding what to start with is not easy.

How do professional restorers determine what step to prioritize?

Because of dealing with numerous flood damage incidents in Portsmouth, professional restorers develop systemic procedures that help determine the steps necessary in each situation and how to schedule them. Some of the crucial issues our SERVPRO technicians consider include:

  • The type of items the flood affects
  • Perceived chances of further deterioration
  • External factors connected to the flooding

Flooding can damage some items permanently, even after minimal exposure. Carpets and upholstered furniture may be damaged irreparably by exposure to contaminants due to the porous nature of their constituent parts. Our crews are, therefore, likely to focus initial efforts on salvageable contents such as appliances. When scoping the property, we also try to establish the level of deterioration likely to occur and use it as a basis for determining the steps to prioritize. A factor like the amount of standing water left in the building has greater ramifications than the inconvenience it causes to anyone wading through. Such water continues to intrude surfaces or materials, worsening the damage. Therefore, removing the water or moving items away from the flooded areas have top priority over other steps, unlike a case where the floodwater drains out of the home immediately. One external factor likely to influence the restoration process is the time it takes water outside the structure to recede.

Which steps does a typical flood cleanup exercise involve?

  • Removal of soaked materials
  • Removal of foreign materials such as mud and silt
  • Removal of contaminated materials 
  • Scrubbing walls and floors

As the floodwaters flow into your property, it soaks into different materials, leading to deterioration. Structural materials such as sheetrock, insulation, and wallpaper develop various problems when exposed to water. Since cleaning and drying cannot restore them to the pre-loss state, the best action is the immediate removal of the wet sections for disposal. Apart from dealing with the wetness, removal also prevents additional problems such as wicking of moisture from the wet areas to the drier ones. 

As the floodwater fills your house, it is likely to deposit materials collected outside, including silt, mud, and leaves. In most cases, manual removal is the only way to get rid of such materials. Our SERVPRO technicians bring shovels, plastic bags, and other tools to the loss site to handle the removal conveniently.

Many of the soils left on surfaces such as walls and floors adhere to the material or cause staining. Cleaning such materials can be challenging. Our crews use a combination of manual scrubbing with brushes or dusters, and chemical action from professional cleaning agents. For large surfaces such as the floors in several rooms, we can use automated tools such as rotating brushes to ease the workload. 

How do I tell what is contaminated?

The presence of contaminants in floodwater increases the burden you have to bear after your home floods. Contamination is high when an incident involves groundwater because such water collects materials over vast areas. Typical contaminants might include:

  • Farm or industrial chemicals
  • Heavy metals
  • Fuel oil
  • Biohazards including sewage

The water dumps these contaminants on the contents or surfaces it affects, so you should treat the entire property as contaminated and use personal protective equipment such as rubber gloves, boots, and other protective material when venturing in or performing clean up tasks. The level of contamination left on different materials differs. For non-porous materials such as metal or plastics, the contamination is only on the surface. Cleaning such items thoroughly and use of disinfectants helps remove all traces of contamination. Porous and semi-porous materials can retain some traces of contamination even after cleaning, so they must be handled carefully.

Our SERVPRO technicians inspect the items in your house to determine whether to dispose of or keep them. We consider whether an item is made from porous materials and whether it is exposed directly to the contaminated water. Apart from physical observation, we use advanced tools such as luminometers to test surfaces for organic contamination. 

Cleaning up a flooded house presents many challenges. Assistance from SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham can help you deal with any incident, "Like it never even happened." You can reach us at (603) 433-4300.

Who should I call for Flood Damage in my Basement?

4/22/2020 (Permalink)

Water in basement SERVPRO Leaves Your Flood Damaged Home in Portsmouth Only When It Is Dry and Ready for a Build Back.

SERVPRO Cleans Basement Flood Damage in Portsmouth.

New Hampshire homeowners may be aware of the risks basements face when it comes to flooding, but they may be surprised to know that only 2% of basements never experience flood damage during their lifespan. While there are many preventive measures that you can take to minimize damage, when disaster strikes, it can be stressful and overwhelming to keep your family safe and salvage your home and belongings after it occurs. However, there is a team that can help. 

When flood damage hits your Portsmouth basement, SERVPRO technicians are ready to bring fully-loaded trucks filled with cutting-edge equipment, EPA-registered biocides, and gas-powered generators to restore your home to a preloss condition. The Institute of Inspection Cleanup and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-accredited pros handle everything from extracting floodwaters, waste, and debris from your basement to making necessary structural repairs to your property. 

What to Maintain to Minimize Basement Floods

  • Sealing tiles and foundation. Proper sealing is necessary to prevent water seepage and foundation damage.
  • Proper downspout installation. If downspouts are too short, are clogged, or face the wrong way, floodwaters can quickly be redirected into your home through cracks in the basement. 
  • Drain tiles. This is the drainage system built around your home, like a curtain drain.
  • Clean gutters. Much like your downspouts, gutters need adequate care to prevent damage and clogs that can eventually lead to water pooling in the basement. 
  • Sump pumps. Making sure your basement's drainage system is operational minimizes the risk of sewage backups and floodwater backing up into your home.

SERVPRO Restores Your Home

SERVPRO techs have the means to remove floodwaters, no matter how deep. Portable, back-mounted extractors, wet/dry vacuums, and mops are ideal for small-scale floods. Submersible, gas-powered pumps tackle floodwaters 2 inches or higher. Truck-mounted extraction systems remove large volumes of water: Anywhere from 60 gallons to well over 100 gallons of floodwater. After extraction, your basement can be sanitized with EPA-registered biocides and prepared for structural drying.

SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham provide mitigation service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. You can call (603) 433-4300 for reliable rapid-response service. 

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What is the Best Method to Clean Fire Damage Off My Portsmouth Kitchen Walls and Ceilings?

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

Incorrect cleaning methods on smoke residues can ruin surfaces, SERVPRO has specialized cleaning agents and techniques to remove smoke damage in Portsmouth properties 

When a cooking fire happens, the smoke damage can be the worst of it. In particular, a smoking pan is the worst as it can leave residues on the stove, walls, ceiling, and porous items rapidly. Unless cleanup happens, problems such as:

  • The spread of pungent odors to other areas of the home
  • Need for ductwork cleaning due to soot
  • The ruin of porous items with inadequate cleaning 

Why is Fire Damage from Cooking Fires So Difficult to Remove? 

When a protein fire occurs in a Portsmouth home, the fire damage left behind is nearly invisible. When meats, fish, and eggs burn, they turn into a fine mist that coats surfaces all over the kitchen. Soot particles can exist smaller than the human eye can see, so it is impossible to clean them away using visuals to find them. However, as long as they remain on-site, foul odors accompany them.  

What Are Some Tactics for Cleaning Away Cooking Fire Odors 

SERVPRO techs use a multi-layered approach to the cleanup of smoke and fire damage in Portsmouth kitchens. 

  • The use of air scrubbers to capture airborne particulates
  • Testing residues and choosing solutions to release their grip on surfaces
  • Immersion cleaning for non-porous items with smoke damage 

Odor Control is a Crucial Part of Fire Loss Mitigation 

Even when there is little to no charring in a kitchen, the techs from SERVPRO know that odor-causing soot particles may need neutralizing. They have various odor control applications and use them according to the treatment level required. Frequently used methods include thermal fogging, which works particularly well when porous items such as window treatments and upholstered items show evidence of smokey odors. 

SERVPRO of The Seacoast, SERVPRO of Dover-Rochester, and SERVPRO of Durham at (603) 433-4300 can clean up and restore any size fire damage in your home with their advanced equipment and restoration methods. 

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We are Your Seacoast Cleaning Professionals

4/1/2020 (Permalink)

technicians standing in front of green van Your Seacoast Professionals In Proper Personal Protective Equipment Keeping You and Themselves Safe and Healthy

SERVPRO is Here to Help During this Time of Need

As we experience this global pandemic of coronavirus, we want to remind our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest level of cleaning and sanitation standards.

Specialized Training

We are able and equipped to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have over 53 years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff can perform on a daily basis.

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surface areas such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include:

  • Kitchen/Food Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Schools/Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Water Fountains
  • Shelving/Racks
  • Sales Counters
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Stair Handrails
  • Elevator Cars
  • Playground Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment

There may be some additional areas within your home or business that also need cleaning and disinfecting which we can help you determine upon completion of our inspection. 

Specialized Products

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, call our expert technicians today – SERVPRO of the Seacoast 603-433-4300

Portsmouth Restoration Professionals Give Advice for Drying Water Damage

3/10/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van in front of school No matter the size or scope of your water damage, our Green Fleet is always on call.

Drying Decisions for Portsmouth Homes After Water Losses 

We would estimate that with every water emergency that threatens a Portsmouth residence, there are hundreds of drying decisions that must get made in real-time. Mitigation is one of the most vital elements of recovery and restoration, and this phase is where most of these drying decisions are necessary. Understanding the concerns and the position of our SERVPRO restorers can allow you to appreciate several of these challenging categories. 

Water damage in Portsmouth homes can affect the property in countless ways, so a thorough inspection and committed extraction and drying can help to reduce unnecessary losses. Considering how widespread the damage can become after only a brief time, several immediate decisions must get made while our restoration professionals begin mitigation tasks, including: 

  • Debris removal
  • Extraction of standing water
  • Focused drying with air movers
  • Cleaning surfaces and contents 

Salvage vs. Reconstruct 

One of the steadiest choices that a responding technician must address in these situations involves whether it is cost-effective to attempt to dry saturated material or tear it out and replace it with new materials altogether. Our in-house SERVPRO general contractors can help by including controlled demolition in with other mitigation. 

Efficient Drying  

Choosing the right path for drying out water damaged materials and contents is a vital decision as well. While all options have some level of potential successes, finding the most efficient approach is something that saves the customer and time and money. From air movers and drying mats to positive pressure systems and carpet wands, our team can help. 

Structural Weaknesses  

Issues like sagging ceilings and deteriorating wall systems pose a more significant threat to your home and its occupants. Without addressing these structural concerns with our in-house contractors, your family might be at risk of collapses. 

Many drying and recovery choices must get made on every water loss emergency that threatens area properties. The decisions made by our competent staff can save our customers time and money. No matter how our SERVPRO of The Seacoast restoration specialists can help, you can reach us 24/7 at (603) 433-4300. 

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