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I give yesterdays team of (2) workers the very highest grades for their work here. Can't imagine more professional, considerate, hard-working gentlemen on the job site... Please make note of who they were since I've forgotten both names, and let them and their managers know how pleased we all are... Brian, who measured this job too! Thank you SERVPRO! 

Please relay my gratitude to the staff at SERVPRO for sanitizing our fleet on April 16, 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has everyone concerned and police officers are no different. SERVPRO's generosity helps ensure our officers can continue to focus on the task at hand. Your efforts were very much appreciated.

Very truly yours, 

William B.

Chief of Police

Ross Tucker and Jay were amazing!! I mean it! They were professional; nice; knowledgeable and such hard workers. Thy exceeded my expectations. When your cellar floods and all your important items get wet, it is very personal and overwhelming, but this team put me at ease. They cleaned everything and my cellar looks and smells great. 

I didn't expect the vapor barrier to end up cleaner then when it was installed. Extremely pleased!

All employees were amazing and very accommodating to our work schedule.

Very professional and efficient. Won't hesitate to contact in future. Will def recommend. 

Wonderful people to work with. I'd hire them again in a second!!

Working with SERVPRO was a wonderful experience. 

Awesome job! Extremely professional and responsive to any questions I had. The crew was a real lifesaver!

Brian, Undu and Becky were prompt, professional and friendly. They got the job done in a timely and professional manner. 

My name is Tim R. and I am a property manager in Rye New Hampshire. One of my clients recently had a burst pipe and hired your company to clean up the water damage. I helped her coordinate the cleanup and wanted to let you know what knowledgeable, professional and responsive service I received from both Brian and Justin. Brian did an outstanding job keeping in contact and communicating with both me and the homeowner. Justin also was excellent in communicating with me on the job as well as managing his coworkers. They were super careful and respectful of the homeowners house during the removal and abatement process. I know a company is only as good as the employees who interface with the public and I find it important to give positive feedback when I see exceptional employees. Hopefully you will be able to recognize these two guys for their outstanding customer service. Hopefully you can keep them with your company I know how hard it is to hire good people. I won’t hesitate to recommend SERVPRO in the future.

Received by email from a recent customer:

"To Whom It May Concern

 I have to share my story with the appropriate people. On Jan 8 we got a call that our condo was flooded and was a disaster. To no avail -  that was beyond the truth.  We where devastated when we saw the damage, and beyond a loss for words when we arrived each day to see your men taking out the unsalvageable walls and materials.

 Each and every time that I walked in the condo the workmen would stop what they where doing to speak to us explain what they where doing and why. These gentlemen - each and every one of them - are exceptional people.  They made our disaster a breeze to deal with, including the lady in the office who was so helpful in navigating us in the right direction of who we needed to speak with, to Brandon who was on site in the beginning days, and every single gentlemen who did the demolition work on our condo.

Brandon would return our calls or talk to us immediately, answer any questions we had, and just a caring individual. Rich has responded to every single phone call faster then I could spin around. He accommodated our schedules to complete work and is another gentlemen who cares about his job and the way he treats people.  He is an exceptional person!  He is truly an asset to your company!  And we also have Paul and Justin. These two workers are amazing young men. They work together in away I have not seen two young men do in a long time!  They communicated with one another, respected one another and worked together in a fashion you don't see in the younger generation these days.

The bottom line is that every single person who we dealt with was TRULY AMAZING, and your company is blessed to have them representing SERVPRO!


Eric and Suzanne

Our carpenter was impressed with your cleanliness!